WebinarJam Review 2022 – An Affordable Webinar Software


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Webinars have now become a part of marketing strategy for many organizations. If you are looking for a best webinar tool that can make your meetings more flexible, engaging, and also comes at an affordable price, then WebinarJam is the right option.

To know more, keep reading our review of WebinarJam.

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a web-based software that helps you create engaging live webinars. It was launched in the year 2014 by Genesis Digital. This platform works in collaboration with its sister company EverWebinar, to create automated webinars. Also they provide the best landing page templates for any business.



Price: $499 - $999/yr

Promo: 14 days free trial for $1


Key Features

  • Live Chat: During the webinar, you can broadcast the attendees and interact with them either in a private or public chat.
  • Automatic Recording: Unlike other software that needs recording to be enabled manually, the Webinar Jam does it automatically for you. As soon as the webinar starts, it records and stores the data on your system. 
  • Flexible Scheduling: This tool allows you to run recorded webinars when needed. You can either run instant-on webinars, webinar series, or scheduled webinars.
  • Attendee Spotlight: To make the webinar more engaging and trustworthy, you can invite the webinar attendees to spotlight and share a testimonial for your business. This feature creates a virtual stage for attendees during the webinar.
  • Page Builder: You need not have a deep understanding of graphic designing or HTML coding to design visually appealing landing pages.
  • SMS and Email Notification: WebinarJam not only supports email notifications but also supports SMS notifications as well. It is an infrequent scenario where You can integrate the webinar software with SMS notifications.
  • Active Offers: During the webinar, hosts can share active offers with the attendees. It can be a revenue generator for the business.
  • Polls: To know the feedback on your product or services, you can create engaging polls and surveys during the webinar and collect the feedback on this platform.
  • Panic Button: Due to any technical glitch, you can reboot the webinar and join back with the same attendees if the webinar shuts down. However, this option is available only in professional plans and the above versions.
  • Always-on Live Room: This feature provides a stable URL for all future meetings so that the attendees can quickly join. Moreover, these URLs can be created on your brand name, adding more value to your business.
  • Control Center: This feature lets the host invite a moderator to handle the admin tasks like inviting attendees for the webinar, creating polls and surveys, etc.,
  • Handouts: You can share important documents and files with your attendees.


WebinarJam Pricing

The pricing of WebinarJam varies on three parameters:

  • Number of attendees
  • Number of Hosts
  • Maximum webinar duration

Here are the pricing plans:

PlanPriceHostsAttendeesMax Duration
Basic$499/yr25002 hours
Professional$699/yr 420003 hours
Enterprise$999/yr 650004 hours

Basic: This plan costs $499/year, and it allows a maximum of 500 attendees with 2 hours webinar duration. This plan offers two presenters. Moreover, this is one of the affordable plans offered by WebinarJam compared to the competitors.

Professional: This plan costs $699/year, and it allows a maximum of 2000 attendees with 3 hours webinar duration. This plan offers four presenters.

Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $999/year, and it allows a maximum of 5000 attendees with 4 hours webinar duration. This plan offers six presenters. This plan is best suitable for businesses with a large audience and needs a team to manage the control center.

Get WebinarJam free trial at $1 for 14 days

WebinarJam Pros and Cons


  • WebinarJam has an intuitive user interface.
  • The basic plan offers a good number of features at a low price compared to other webinar software in the market.
  • There are a lot of video tutorials to help the users understand the platform in a better fashion.
  • This tool is compatible with multiple OS (Mac, Windows, and Linux) and supports all browsers.
  • This software offers a 14-day free trial at $1, which helps any new user to try the software first and then upgrade to the premium subscription.
  • The customer support executives are available 24/7 to help the users get their queries solved. Customer support is provided at no extra fee.
  • If a participant has any queries during the webinar, hosts can pull them onto the virtual stage and ask questions.
  • It offers highly customizable landing pages for various businesses and niches.
  • If there is any technical glitch during the webinar, it allows a “Panic button” option. This option immediately reboots the webinar and automatically adds the attendees to a new room in 15 seconds.
  • WebinarJam integrates with most mailing and tracking platforms, making the sales webinar pretty easy to present.


  • The premium plans of WebinarJam look pretty expensive, and it is designed for only professionals and experts as the target audience.
  • Sometimes attendees have observed 10-second delays in the live webinars. However, this experience is quite common on most webinar platforms and does not impact the live webinars.
  • Polls cannot collect accurate data on which attendee has clicked on the specific option.
  • Sometimes it shows connectivity issues even when the network is excellent. It happens in an infrequent scenario.
  • Though the video records are high-quality, the actual recording appears to be less than HD when saved on the system.
  • It lacks integration with platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


You can integrate WebinarJam with various autoresponders and CRMs, and below we have listed some of the popular WebinarJam integrations.










WebinarJam Alternatives

Our Recommendation

Though there are minor glitches in the WebinarJam app, they hardly impact the webinar experience. Overall, it is an easy to use and most affordable tool for anyone looking for a good number of attendees at a minimal cost. Features like “Active offers” help increase the conversion for your products during the webinar whereas the feature like “Always-on live” helps improve your branding.


Is WebinarJam free?

WebinarJam is not a free webinar tool, but you can try their features for 14 days for $1. Unlike few other webinar services, they don’t have any free plan available.

WebinarJam vs Zoom – Which one is better?

Both WebinarJam and Zoom are two of the most popular webinar platforms available in the market, but with few differences. If we compare WebinarJam vs Zoom in short, then Zoom webinar is best for education and training while WebinarJam is best selling products and services.


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