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Best Url Shortener Sites

Last Updated on September 14, 2021

Long links are inconvenient to send and share on social networks. These URL Shortener sites and apps can shorten a URL, pack multiple links in one short link, and show that address is in a short link. Long website URL or link can be so frustrating, and sometimes they look spammy.

That is why making the various URL shortening sites takes place, so this time we have is the best sites to shred down your URL today especially if you want your friends and social Medias followers to be happy with you.

We also have many applications that can shorten your links, and few of them offer additional services like analytics.

How does URL Shortener work?

Copy the long link, and go to any of the shortlisted websites below. Paste the link in the window. You will receive a short link immediately. The short link points to the same web page and continues to work forever.

The services on this page do not require you to register to shorten a link. Registration is needed for additional options: such as the ability to organize links, see how often a short link is clicked, and more features.

Why Should You Shorten Your URL?

The various reasons you need to shorten your long links are listed below:

Not all links are spammy. However, they are too lengthy for the SEO. Search engine optimization is how your website link appears higher on Google search, and one of the major criteria for your website to be rank is the length of your link.

This is because the URL help describes what you have on your website, but if they are too lengthy, it will be difficult to use them on social media and share in the mail. That is why URL shortening allows your links to be manageable and easy to share on various platforms.

One of the reasons that the URL shortening sites are more useful today than ever before because they help you track various activities on your link like the geographical location of your audience is clicking from and many more details. This information is beneficial to any blogger and agency.

This shows you where your readers are coming from and what they are interested in reading or watching. This information helps companies prepare a better content and products that will be more useful and beneficial to their audience.

There is no better way to engage your audience and friends than a short link. URL shortening helps you to share your link quickly to your social media follower.

The latest URL shortening sites help you to track the activities on your social media interface and offer you valuable data and information you can engage your users via social media, through the post they are willing to view and much more.

You can also see the number of comment your activities receive from some of the URL shorteners. This is only the beginning. The URL shorteners also make the browsing experience of the users quick and enjoyable.

You can make your long link short and shareable with URL shorteners. A tweet or post with just a short link to share is perfect for your audience. The world is now connected than ever before, and more smartphones are used that before which signifies that a short URL will be shared more than a long one.

As we have social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it will be easier to share those links if they are shorter. That is why it is important to get your URL shorter.

List of Top URL Shortener Sites is the best and easy to use URL shortener by Google. If you want to use this service, you need to log-in into Google Account.  Simply put the url which you want to be shortened then the shorten URL will display in few seconds.

In your Google account, you can save the history of your shorten URLs. You can also track the details of shorten URL like how many clicks that the link received. This will give you a perspective of how to engage your audience. URL Shortener URL Shortener is one of the top URL shortener sites on the web. When you click on the create button, shorten URL display within few seconds and need to sign-in to see all details of shorter links.

It is most widely used by many bloggers, social media managers, and they are integrated with a lot of services that will allow you to get more from your links. You can track the number of clicks, views, the referrers and locations. URL Shortener URL Shortener


TinyURL is one of the old URL shortening websites but they are still using today. They don’t include some basic characters, but features will have on the top URL shortening websites today.

You can also customize the end of the links with letters and numbers i.e.,  This will help your customers remembers your link and brand of your site or business.

TinyURL URL Shortener
TinyURL URL Shortener is one of the money making URL shortener site. This link shortener service is associated with the advertising networks so that you can earn money when anyone click on shortens URL.

With this, URL shortening tool you can shrink almost 20 URLs in a click. For WordPress Blogger, there is a WordPress Plugin is available so you can install and automate URL shortening. has high CPM rates with global coverage.

"<yoastmark is another one URL Shortener site that is from HootSuite and can access via HootSuite dashboard. You can easily share your files, upload images, and videos and also track real-time clicks.

Another feature of is send the shorten URLs in emails or integrate on your websites and track the clicks of those shorten link from HootSuite’s URL click stats.

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