17 Real Estate Affiliate Programs for High Earnings in 2022


Last Updated on January 19, 2022

Do you have a blog or website about real estate and want to earn money with your existing audience. Then real estate affiliate programs are best for you to join.

With the real estate affiliate programs listed below, you can really earn a high income by promoting their products and services through your website.

If you have not created your website yet, you can still start affiliate marketing without any website. Just make sure your advertiser allows for it.

However it is highly recommended to start your affiliate website or blog for making serious money in affiliate marketing.

You can start with a free CMS platform like WordPress. Register your domain name and take a shared hosting for your website.

Affiliate marketing is good for any niche. You can make money by selling digital goods or any physical product or service.

Similarly, affiliate marketing has a broad scope in real estate too, which offers a reasonable commission rate to affiliates for each deal they conclude.

The best thing about affiliate marketing in real estate is that you can sell homes or offer rentals without any real estate certifications or license.

Top Real Estate Affiliate Programs To Promote in 2021

To select the best real estate affiliate programs, an affiliate should verify two essential things – the authenticity of the real estate company and the commission structure they offer.

Keeping these two factors and some others in mind, we have mentioned a few best affiliate programs in real estate.

Lex Levinrad Real Estate

Commission: 50%

Cookie: 180 days


How to Join: Sign up for Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

Lex Levinrad is a legend when it comes to the real estate business. He has been in this real estate business since 2003 as a full-time investor who has done marketing of over 1000 houses within a short span.

He now teaches new investors and also offers a partnership program with his course. In this program, an investor has to enroll first, and they will get a chance to learn real estate investing.

And as a partner, they have to get deals, and the Lex Levinrad team will get the buyer. In return for this, both investor and Lex Levinrad will split the deal amount.

Real Estate Express

Commission: 20% Per Lead

Cookie: 100 days

Payout: Every 15 Days with minimum threshold of $50

How to Join: Sign up for Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

Real estate isn’t difficult to learn, and this is proven by the real estate express very well. They offer quality learning to the newbies in real estate and provide a license to invest in real estate after completing the course.

They have a specialized team to direct newly joined investors to the right path and become an expert in listing and closing deals. This is a potential firm to grow exponentially by doing work at will.


Commission: 25% Per Sale

Cookie: 6 Months

Payout: 15th of Every Month with minimum threshold of $100

How to Join: Sign up for Foreclosure Affiliate Program

Foreclosure is a real estate company that lists several distressed properties on their site. They provide timely and detailed information regarding the properties they list.

To increase the deal rate, they have launched an affiliate program that offers a 25% commission for each deal the affiliate closes. Within a decade, foreclosure has released approximately $40 million affiliate payout to their affiliates.


Realtor is an excellent real estate business, glooming in the United States with its unwatchable services. It has lists of properties that are available for sale as well for rent.

They have enrolled several REALTORS and affiliates that help the company in getting the deal done correctly. These REALTORS specialize in buying and selling and great in suggesting to clients the best option for them.

In return for this service, they get their commission after the deal is closed.

All Things Real Estate

This e-commerce company manufactures several customized things related to real estate like banners, cups, books, logos, etc. For better advertisement, investors buy products from this website.

Hence to increase the sale, they have added an affiliate program with their website in which they offer a 7% commission to the affiliates for making a successful sale.

The commission is processed to the affiliate after the payment is made through the valid medium. To start as an affiliate, a person has to register on the website, and after that, they can begin selling products available on the website.

Buildium Real Estate

Buildium real estate holds an interesting affiliate program enabled with their buildium property management software. Under this program, the affiliates will help the company keep good relations with tenants and owners and manage different tasks.

But, the primary purpose of an affiliate is to get them convertible leads. For each lead, the affiliate will get a designated commission.

Alongside that, the affiliate will also get a 25% commission of subscription fee for each person who joins this program under them.

Real Estate Affiliates

Have an interest in real estate and also want to be the boss of your own? Then start affiliate marketing with real estate affiliates which offer the best affiliate program in the real estate business.

Real estate affiliates are tasked to sell properties to different tenants and buyers; they are rewarded with a commission in return. All the commissions they get paid are collected in their wallet, which is paid to them in a payout cycle that comes in every two weeks.

Moreover, this affiliate program offers several models of affiliate marketing, from which the affiliate will choose.

Property MOB

This website or company offers quality real estate services to all who are highly interested in buying properties. With different forms of virtual assistants, they guide investors to get the right deal in real estate.

But, the most exciting thing about this company is its affiliate program. Property MOB offers a lot to their affiliates with a 25% commission on each sale they conclude, or each person invests under them. Moreover, they get paid every month if they take a monthly subscription.

Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO)

Experts in real estate are welcomed by Corporate housing by the owner to affiliate their listed properties on the CHBO website.

These experts are provided with a unique URL that they can share with their potential clients for converting a lead. The affiliate program that they started was named Share a Sale.

So, anyone uses these links to buy or rent a property, then that affiliate whose link is used will be rewarded with a 15% commission.

BoldLeads Real Estate

To generate unlimited income using a real estate website, BoldLeads by property base is a great option. Boldleads has a great affiliate program in which they offer $20 for every referral affiliate concludes.

With no income cap, affiliate marketing with BoldLeads can be taken as a career scope. To get started, get approved by the company and immediately get a unique referral link that will be used to track the referral.

House Plan Gallery

Building a house requires a proper plan verified by qualified engineers. The House plan gallery has several such plans with customizable choices in bedrooms and bathroom numbers.

To promote this service with more efficiency, they have an affiliate program attached. Through this program, they get more customers, and in return, they reward affiliates with some per cent of their profit.


To close any real estate deal, everyone seeks expert advice, and what if it is said? DealCheck offers this advice online. DealCheck has been a leading property advisor for real estate investors.

You can promote their services by joining their affiliate program for free and instantly get a unique affiliate link. If anyone pays DealCheck using the affiliate link, the affiliate will get a 30% commission. Payout is rolled out to bank accounts every month.

Architectural Designs

Architecture is an art that innovative engineers choose. Preparing a unique design for every kind of house, like farmhouse, apartments, etc., is the architects’ general task.

Hence, these designs are uploaded in architectural structures, customers are paying for them to access them. By joining the affiliate program of architectural designs, a person can earn a good amount by just referring people to get the company’s plans.

Land Century

This is a great source of online earning in real estate. For people who are interested in the real estate business, this is the best affiliate program. To become a Land Century affiliate you need to apply with them, which the company will approve.

Once approved, you can promote their services, and for each subscription taken using the affiliate link, the affiliate will get a 15% commission as a reward.


Finding a good real estate site can be difficult but not with BirdDogBot, as it is a search engine that favors real estate investors in finding properties quickly.

It has a beautiful affiliate program with an amazing interface that offers the highest commission with 50% of the total amount offered to the affiliates.

This is a high-paying digital service affiliate program that attracts several real estate experts to join them.

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner or FSBO is a real estate service provider that helps people find quality properties in multiple locations.

Its affiliate program is also attractive as the company offers around 20% commission for completing the purchase of visitors on listed properties.

This is a great platform to rely on as an affiliate marketer with several real estate opportunities.


VRBO has a unique real estate affiliate opportunity in which an affiliate can earn for sale and add a new listing.

For every traveller that rents a house under the VRBO listing, the affiliate will get 3% of the rent amount, and for adding a new listing, the affiliate will get $20 each.

It allows earning money in two ways so that earning never stops for an affiliate

Wrapping Up!

Real estate is a great industry for making huge money with affiliate marketing, but it also comes with huge competition. If you are running a blog in this niche, you always need to be updated with the latest industry trends.

First determine your target audience and then write content around them. Start with few real estate affiliate programs given above and join more as your grow.

If you are just started your affiliate marketing journey it would be best to promote best affiliate programs for beginners because they are easy to join and promote.

Experienced marketers can promote some lucrative high ticket affiliate programs to generate large revenue in just few sales.


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