Pandemic Proof Jobs You Should Consider In 2022


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Although losing your job might be hard on your pride, you must remember that life goes on. During the coronavirus outbreak, the US unemployment rate was the highest since The Great Depression. As a result, most people began to look for pandemic-proof jobs that could help them survive.

In 2021, tech professionals are in demand. Most organizations are on a hunt for employees with in-demand programming skills. In that case, if you seek to get a new job, you must update your skillset. This article will help you identify what you need to learn and what career you should pursue to get employed in the digital era.

Mobile Developer

Learning mobile development skills will help you get in the game. Whether you become an Android or an iOS developer, getting a job will become much more comfortable. In 2021, an Android developer makes, on average, $88,000 per year, according to Payscale. On the other hand, an iOS developer earns, on average, $123,000 per year, according to Indeed.

Mobile developers can accomplish their work duties from any place with ease. Consequently, getting a part-time or full-time remote position will not be a challenge. Before applying for a new job, keep in mind that remote work has proven to increase workers’ satisfaction. Working from home enables you to spend valuable time with your loved ones and improve your wellbeing.

During the coronavirus lockdown, many people learned mobile development skills through free online courses. But, since getting a degree will help you stand out, you should consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp. Today, coding bootcamps are very popular and offer affordable courses to those who seek to immerse themselves in the digital world.

General Assembly, for example, offers an excellent Android development program that enables aspirants to learn from experts in the field. Students can develop their potential while working on real projects and add fundamental knowledge to their toolkit. After all, you should remember that building a mobile app requires more than knowing how to code.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are among the best-paid in the tech industry. They have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and are responsible for creating actionable insights. They frequently deal with data as they must analyze and interpret gathered information to help companies make better decisions. Dealing with data is very time-consuming. For that reason, learning Python programming skills is a great alternative.

Python is exceptional for interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing data. Python is also easy to learn and understand. So, whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or not, learning Python won’t be a struggle. Python also has a huge community of experts that are always available to help if necessary.

According to Bootcamp Rankings, data scientists make $108,000 per year in the US. Furthermore, there are over 1,200 companies hiring and 30,000 open job listings. Therefore, becoming a data scientist will help you increase not only your job opportunities but also change your way of life.

Cloud Engineer

In the digital era, cloud services are helping companies take big strides. Physical databases are no longer needed since the cloud is changing the way we store data. For example, years ago, organizations invested vast amounts of money in hardware and software to keep their information safe. However, cloud computing is helping companies reduce office space as well as costs.

In 2021, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Drive are among the best cloud services around the globe. These services provide customers with data security and accessibility. Also, they offer a wide range of features that make analyzing and interpreting data much more comfortable. The demand for cloud engineers will grow in the next few years. So, if you seek to start a pandemic-proof career, don’t hesitate to become a cloud engineer.

To get skilled, you can enroll in an online coding Bootcamp or take an in-person program. Whichever you choose, you should remember that remote learning is transforming education in the era of coronavirus.


If you feel frustrated because you think you’re falling behind, you must consider these job alternatives. They will help you get a future-proof job to remain in the competition. Learning tech skills will also help you become a remote worker. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of taking the leap. Companies are implementing new policies, and remote work will also increase in the next few years. According to Payscale, by the end of 2021, over 20% of the workforce is expected to work remotely several days a week.


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