Mailchimp Alternatives – Top 6 Options in 2022


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

If you have ever thought about email marketing you probably heard about MailChimp and its features. But sometimes it may not suit your business need, so for this here we talk about the top Mailchimp Alternatives with better pricing and features.

Today, we’re all familiar with email marketing. This tried and true method is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, though sometimes it feels spammy, yet no one can deny the impact a well-crafted message can have on the audience.

It allows you to sell products, share news, and many more. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to do marketing. A 2015 study by DMA showed that every $1 spent on an email has an average return of $38.

When shoppers search for things to buy, they often look into the emails of their favourite stores. Customer Relationship Management(CRM), with lead nurturing, are important reasons which make an email stand out among others in the inbox. Email marketing helps you to promote your brand and increase sales by connecting you with your audience.

Mailchimp is one such email marketing platform, as it is considered one of the biggest names in the email marketing world. It is an integrated marketing platform that helps small businesses to grow on their terms through email marketing. If you talk about Mailchimp pricing, you can start with them for free and its paid plans are started from $10.

Mailchimp’s API makes it easy to bring data from other apps to MailChimp so that you can manage your group of audience more properly. You can also send event-based emails and many more. Mailchimp allows you to use custom data to make a relevant marketing campaign.

It has loads of perks, including affordability. But a single tool can’t satisfy all use cases. So here we have a list of Mailchimp alternatives for marketers looking for something different.

Whether you crave an emphasis on data, stronger automation, or streamlined options, you’ll surely find something here for you.


Mailchimp Alternatives Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a company based out of Paris, started as a cost-effective solution to create newsletters and as a service for transactional emails. Gradually, they developed their software to become an all-in-one marketing platform offering a cloud-based marketing software suite with over 80,000 users globally. Sendinblue has one of the lowest price-points among the email tools.

Sendinblue’s software suite is dedicated to relationship marketing. It allows you to create email marketing campaigns, set up automation, and manage your contacts using their built-in CRM. It also gives you information about your contacts.

The CRM is quite helpful, especially for any sales team. You can easily move your contacts or assign them to an agent. Clicking on a contact gives you their information with their activity and any tasks related g to that contact.

Sendinblue gives you the choice of setting up your campaigns, transactional emails, or automation. You’ll also be able to set up SMS campaigns. They offer templates there pretty good, with relatively more options available. It helps that you can filter by industry and goals, as not all providers have this option.

With Sendinblue, you can preview your content before you send it, you can schedule it too. You can easily switch from desktop to mobile according to your convenience. These features are free and easy to perform.
It offers a wide range of workflow types, each comes with a handy template to get you started. It also does a great job when it comes to detailed reporting.

The prices Sendinblue offers is a justified price for its top of the line service. Its free plan does not even set a cap on contacts. You can also pay as you go with their option which makes sense if you only send emails now and then. These are ad-free and come with all the features available in a top-tier plan. Their no plan is light on features.

Top Features

⦁ Free plan available
⦁ Email & phone customer support
⦁ Advanced marketing automation tools
⦁ Real-time stats
⦁ Customizable sign-up forms
⦁ E-Commerce plugins
⦁ CSV & Text file contact list imports


⦁ Easy to set up
⦁ Excellent deliverability
⦁ CRM functionality
⦁ Customer support
⦁ Unlimited contacts
⦁ Additional languages
⦁ Autoresponders
⦁ Drag and drop interface


⦁ Limited automation features.
⦁ Location or device reports are not. Included in real-time reporting.
⦁ Templates are not very effective.


Prices start at $25 per month.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that your emails will feature Sendinblue’s branding. Sendinblue also offers a free plan that limits the number of emails to 300 a day.



Moosend is an easy to use email marketing service provider, which gives you world-class features to improve your marketing game. It has been getting a lot of attention recently. This helps you to focus on building client relationships by automating repetitive tasks.

Latest Mailchimp alternatives Moosend has a very intuitive interface as you can design emails and measuring campaigns without any experience in coding or designing. In terms of pricing, Moosend beats Mailchimp hands-down.

If you’re looking to automate your email marketing, then they have quite advanced automation options. It is built with a great marketing campaign designer with a drag and drop interface. Anyone who wants to create an email list can use it easily. It also helps you to collect email subscribers.

Moosend enables its user to send emails with the right content for their audience. It automates the workflow and increases their ROI. With it, users can create, design, and customize email newsletters.

The automation software also offers you management features to systematically handle all important things, when it comes to launching campaigns. This software helps you with everything you need for an effective marketing campaign. It collects contact data by using opt-in forms. Also builds, expands, and allows you to segment your email list, which can increase your conversion rates.

Moosend examines the problems and challenges that marketers face and tries to solve the issues with automation. Its analytics tool delivers next-level features. For instance, you can check which links receive the most number of clicks and many more.
With it, you can also create the A/B split test campaign. It sends two different versions of your email to two different segments of your list.

Top Features

⦁ The free plan (No Logo)
⦁ Unlimited emails per contact
⦁ Unlimited mailing lists
⦁ Landing pages
⦁ SMTP server
⦁ Custom sign-up forms
⦁ Spam test
⦁ Drag and drop editor
⦁ API access
⦁ A/B split testing
⦁ Email list segmentation


⦁ Built-in automation features
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Third-party integrations
⦁ Great customer support
⦁ Powerful real-time analytics
⦁ Advanced segmentation
⦁ Free trial


⦁ Sometimes emails are flagged as spam.
⦁ Sign-up forms are basic and need additional customization
⦁ No mobile- Android native integration
⦁ Slow loading can be an issue sometimes


Prices start from $10 a month.

Moosend is an easy, fast, and affordable marketing service. With its next-gen automation features, super-fast tech support, and new integrations and connections. Moosend is a steal for its price. It makes every penny you spend worth it.

Constant Contact

Mailchimp Alternatives Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the biggest email marketing providers in the world, with over 650,000 users. Established in 1995, this company translates its vast experience into a great product. Constant Contact understands its user’s needs.

With it, you can make successful email marketing and other online marketing campaigns. They boast unique-sounding tools for things such as surveys and event management. Though it is one of the most expensive tools on the market, its great feature quality justifies it. Constant Contact helps you to spread the name of your business through email, social media, SEO, and other forms of online marketing. It is made out for small scale businesses.

Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial. It comes fully equipped with features as all its plans let you send unlimited emails. You can customize an email template and design professional emails with its editor. You can add a range of features.

You’ll have plenty of options to get your layout just as you want it. It allows you to add and delete sections conveniently as well as use spacers and dividers to get clean and distinct sections.

Though there is no design or spam testing available, the check for error’s feature is quite handy. You can also schedule your emails. It includes standard autoresponders like welcome messages and automatic emails sent to users on special occasions. Simple is a good word to describe Constant Contact’s automation.

A couple of other features to be aware of are CC’s social media planner and website builder. It feels pretty convenient to have everything under one roof. Having things in one place avoids the need to use multiple services. You may also benefit from CC’s simple interface and a fast email builder.

Top Features

⦁ Over a hundred customizable, responsive email templates
⦁ Drag and drop email editor
⦁ Auto-adjust smart columns
⦁ Comprehensive image library
⦁ Intuitive landing page editor
⦁ List-building tools for websites.
⦁ Auto-responders
⦁ A/B testing
⦁ CAN-SPAM compliance
⦁ Mobile optimized emails
⦁ Reporting analytics


⦁ Great customer service
⦁ A/B tests
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Intuitive UI
⦁ Offers value beyond email campaigns
⦁ Social media campaign integration
⦁ Great event and commerce integration


⦁ Get more expensive as your list grows
⦁ Templates are limited
⦁ Some accounts get closed without any previous warning


Prices start from $20 a month.

There are only 2 levels to choose from. Though both come with unlimited emails, you’ll find the cheaper plan to be quite limited and that it doesn’t include automation, event management, or surveys. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan or pay as you go option. So you try out their 60-day free trial before committing.



Getresponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform. It helps you to make a valuable marketing list of prospects, clients, and partners so that you can build a profitable customer base. This offers CRM and advanced automation and also has a vast range of advanced features.

Software is mostly easy to navigate, thanks to the simple icons in the dashboard, which help you quickly get to where you need to go. There’s plenty to be getting impressed by getting a response as it is one of the most powerful tools available for the small to medium business market.

Get response boasts an impressive features list, includes automation, CRM, landing pages, and even an option to run your webinars. It offers a wide variety of templates to choose from, though the designs are a bit old. You will get mobile preview of your email, as well as options for spam and design testing.

It has endless automation options available as you go higher with the plan, the more options you get. And many templates that will help you to build out automation. Its workflow editor is very flexible and easy to use.

It also does a decent job of reports. Now you can compare the performance of different campaigns. Additional data includes subscription-based information, including where subscribers are located, and also statistics on how your automation campaigns are performing overall. Despite its long list of features, it’s quite easy to use, and there’s little or no fault with it.

Top Features

⦁ Automation segmentation
⦁ Activity tracking
⦁ Scalable autoresponders
⦁ Landing page builder
⦁ Comprehensive reports
⦁ Responsive email design
⦁ 1000+ stock photos
⦁ Single opt-in automated imports
⦁ Inbox preview
⦁ Email drag and drop editor


⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Webinar integration
⦁ Intelligent automation
⦁ Conversion funnel lead generation
⦁ More features compared to other marketing tools


⦁ No free plan available
⦁ Templates are outdated
⦁ Poor deliverability rates


Prices start from $15 a month.

Getresponse doesn’t provide a free plan but offers a free trial period of 30 days, through it, you can try out all the features Getresponse has to offer. Their entry plan is quite reasonable and offers discounts to NGO’s.

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ConvertKit is an email service provider. It’s easy to use interface, automation and other features make it one of the fastest-growing marketing companies. It has built its system with professional bloggers, creators, and makers. Within this circle, they’ve managed to build quite a strong brand.

Compared to other newsletter tools, ConvertKit is one of the more expensive ones, though the good thing is that all plans, including its free plan, comes with unlimited emails. Its freemium plan is a recent addition for those with under 1000 subscribers, but unfortunately, the features are a bit limited.

Except for sending newsletters and targeted, automated campaigns, you can also publish landing pages, which is great, especially for those running social media campaigns. You can also resend the same campaign to users who didn’t open it simply by clicking on a button. There are tons of really nice templates to choose from.

A nice extra is that ConvertKit lets you create a landing page that you can use to collect subscribers.
The email automation lets you add rules to trigger actions based on certain events, which means you can change your email sequence depending on what the user does.

You can send users with a particular tag a series of emails to get them to buy the product. Having a learning page editor is a useful add-on, especially if you don’t have your website.

Top Features

⦁ Opt-in forms that are easily embedded and customizable
⦁ Workflow and sequence automation
⦁ An astute dashboard for tracking and monitoring campaigns
⦁ Custom landing page
⦁ Creator Pro
⦁ Integrations
⦁ Email automation
⦁ Commerce
⦁ Email designer


⦁ Best-in-class deliverability
⦁ Simple and easy to use
⦁ Fantastic user experience


⦁ Expensive
⦁ Lacks integrations with eCommerce platforms
⦁ Not good for managing multiple clients


Prices start from $29 a month

ConvertKit’s paid plan is quite pricey but it offers a powerful and easy-to-use software, which offers a free plan that allows its user to create landing pages and forms that can be connected to incentive emails.



AWeber is a US-based company that made a pretty big claim and that is that they invented the autoresponder, it then made sense that marketing automation is one of their main features. It also provides customer service and performance tracking.

AWeber’s easy to reach all the areas with the dashboard and most make sense. One of the areas that AWeber shines is its support, not only they are fast and friendly, they also have a helpful blog along with videos, podcasts, and webinars, to help their subscribers get the most from other email marketing.

AWeber’s list management makes it relatively easy to automate list management as well as applying tags to users, not revolutionary but other tools have done worse in this area. You can easily track and analyze sales with it and it’s done in a way that’s easy enough to manage for even complete beginners.

It offers a pretty simple plan depending on the number of contacts in your account. Same features are offered by all options. This includes unlimited emails, segmentation, integration, automation, and many more. AWeber’s gives you more than 700 templates to choose from.

You will get great automation tools, along with a solid HTML email template library. This also helps you to access and manage your campaigns from the mobile app. Moreover, It has a ton of other options for people who are trying to improve customer relationships.

Top Features

⦁ Easy-to-use design tool
⦁ Drag and drop interface
⦁ Collect, manage, and segment subscribers
⦁ Third-party integration
⦁ A/Btesting
⦁ Landing page creation
⦁ 6000+ stock photos
⦁ Image hosting


⦁ Easy to use
⦁ 30-days free trial available
⦁ Good customer support
⦁ A wide range of templates
⦁ Autoresponders
⦁ All features are available in all plans
⦁ Sales tracking included
⦁ Split testing
⦁ Useful list management tools
⦁ A blog to email functionality


⦁ Automation features are very basic
⦁ Expensive for a high subscriber count
⦁ Email templates look a bit old.


Prices starts from $19 a month

AWeber does not have a free plan but has a free-trial period of 30 days, which allows you to try all of its features. Also, It is important to remember that they charge per subscriber. You can choose how you want to be charged, annually or quarterly.

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