Livestorm Review 2022 – A Cost Effective Webinar Platform


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

If you are regularly hosting video meetings and webinars, then you need good webinar software. This article will discuss one such webinar software called “Livestorm,” which makes your webinar funnel page creation easier and makes the presentations more interactive.

What is Livestorm?

For all your demos and training sessions with customers, Livestorm is the ideal webinar solution. Customer support, sales, and marketing teams can create impressive presentations and deliver to their audience with this webinar tool.

It is a browser-based platform that helps you to create online events on one platform. Promotional emails, custom landing pages, etc., can be made more accessible with the help of this tool.


Key Features

Best-in-Class Platform: Livestorm uses the same video and audio streaming technologies as the more prominent players in the industry. It means that the tool works best on all platforms like mobiles, PCs, and tablets. There will not be any latency issues with streaming. On all the devices, the platform works similarly.

Funnel Pages for Webinar: Livestorm provides pre-designed webinar funnel pages. You can customize the background color, logo, image, and test on the funnel pages. The audience can fill in their personal information like email, phone number, address, etc., and interact with your page’s call-to-action button. You can also integrate these registration pages on a custom domain by using the Livestorm registration widget on your website.

You can also set up custom fields on your webinar registration page so that you can get more personalized information from the audience. Also, you can craft the content accordingly for your next webinar, based on the audience response.

Email Tools: One of the best things about the Livestorm email tools is that, whatever you design on your email page, gets reflected in the audience’s inbox. Though the email scheduling is not flexible in Livestorm, you can still send an email reminder to the audience, either 5 minutes before the webinar or 1 hour before the webinar starts.

The webinar confirmation link includes your company logo and design, confirmation message for the webinar, link to join the webinar, and add your webinar to the audience calendar. These features make it easy for the audience to join the webinar quickly.

Post webinar, you can send emails to the audience who did not attend the webinar. Livestorm makes audience segmentation easy and also helps you personalize every email you send them.

Interaction: Livestorm provides interactive features like surveys and polls to engage with the attendees during the webinar. All these features can be pre-configured before launching the webinar.

Also, the chat can be either set to public or private so that only the audience can interact with you in the personal chat. You can also hide the attendee’s list so that other attendees cannot view the different audience.

The presentations shown during the webinar can be made available to download for the attendees. Also, hosts can sell various products during the webinar with the help of a sales call-to-action. In the sales call-to-action, you can add text, links, and a countdown timer or image.

The Q&A feature of Livestorm is designed excellently. It allows the fellow audience to upvote each other’s questions as well.

Webinar Recording: Livestorm allows the host to send automatic recordings to the attendees after the webinar. Attendees can also download the webinar recording through the link they receive in the mail. However, if the host does not wish to send automatic recordings to the attendees, they can change the settings in the Livestorm dashboard.

Marketing Automation: Livestorm provides excellent marketing tools for automating attendee onboarding and conversions. If you are reaching out to the right audience, Livestorm makes the automation easy for you to bring in more revenues for your organization.


Livestorm Pricing

Livestorm offers a free plan that supports one host and up to 10 attendees, with a webinar duration of 20 minutes. The free version is best suited if you want to test how the Livestorm tool works. However, if you plan to conduct lengthy webinars for hours, it is recommended to opt for premium plans.

The premium plans allow you to host unlimited on-demand webinars with a maximum attendee capacity of 1000 (in the highest plan). The maximum duration for each webinar is capped to 4 hours in all the premium plans.

The basic plan starts at $109 per month for up to 100 attendees and $338 per month for 1000 attendees.

Livestrom Pros and Cons


  • You can host unlimited automated webinars.
  • You can add custom questions and text to the registration page.
  • The audience can ask questions as well as upvote each other’s queries.
  • The webinar recording is made available to the attendees post-webinar.
  • Even on the webinar replay, attendees can ask questions
  • Best tool for HR to conduct interviews and onboard the candidates.


  • You cannot change scheduled email reminders. You can send them either 1 hour or 5 minutes before the webinar.
  • Polls and surveys need to be pre-configured.
  • During the webinar replay, there is no option to display the call-to-action.


Livestorm Alternatives

Our Recommendation

Livestorm is one of the best webinar tools that change how conferences, meetings, product training, etc., are done. This tool makes attendee tracking easier with the help of its robust tracking and analytics feature. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful webinar tool that helps you gain more audience and revenue, then Livestorm is the right choice for you.


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