Link Tracking Software – Top 9 Choices of Marketers in 2022


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

To see whether your ad campaign is working or not? Or how many peoples have clicked your ads? Or from which demographics your ads are getting the most clicks?

Every marketer face challenges to track and analyze the effectiveness of their campaign. To make tracking your links easier, you need link tracking software. 

A good link tracker software provides information about which of your promotional links are being clicked and from which source the clicks are coming (like an email campaign, SMS campaign or ad campaign, etc.)?

With the right link tracking tool, you will know which marketing channel gives the best ROI for your promotion. If you are not using any tool to track your URLs, you lose valuable insights and analytics.

To make things easier for you here, we have selected the top link trackers in the market right now.

9 Best Link Tracking Software for Marketers


If you are looking for a link tracker software that helps track all your marketing models, then ClickMagick is the right pick. This tool is compatible with most of the advertising channels in the market and can help you track your entire sales funnel.

Top Features

  • You can track real-time sales reports.
  • Helps you track the entire funnel
  • You can track visitors across multiple devices, as this tool supports cross-device platforms.
  • You can cloak affiliate links with custom domains.


ClickMagick offers a free trial for 14 days, after which you need to purchase a premium plan. The starter plan costs $27/month, the standard plan costs $67 per month, and the pro plan costs $97 per month.

You can track your customer journey on the sales funnel with the help of this amazing web-based tracking tool. In addition, this tool also offers optimization of URL in real-time.

Top Features

  • The auto-tagging feature helps to categorize the traffic source while running campaigns.
  • You can cloak the affiliate link and add any branded domain.
  • Advance tracking filters are supported for multiple ads and social media platforms.


This tool is available in 2 different options: standard and the Enterprise plan. The standard plan offers one branded domain, and it costs $39 per month. The Enterprise plan costs $99 per month.


ClickMeter is a cloud-based link tracking software that helps to monitor the status of your external links. In addition, it also helps to speed up the website. According to the needs of the company, the number of events can be increased.

Top Features

  • Redirect and monitor the status of your sites
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can create hundreds of sub-accounts under each account


Every plan of ClickMeter comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The medium plan costs $29 per month, the large plan costs $99 per month, and the X-large plan costs $349 per month.


It is a unique link tracking software that provides attributes for all conversation events. This tool is privacy-friendly and provides accurate real-time data. It gives all data about IP clicks, unique clicks, etc. So, if you plan to get a complete overview of your campaign, this is the right pick.

Top Features

  • Can monitor diverse URL’s in a single click
  • Real-time tracking for all your campaigns
  • Can create custom filters and reporting templates


The price of this link tracking software starts at $41 per month for the basic plan. The pro and business plans cost $83 and $333 per month, respectively.


Interestingly, Rebrandly is the only company that allows a custom domain in their free plan. So, if you have a large business team, you can work collaboratively on this tracking tool. Also, you can create custom domains and track them easily on your dashboard.

Top Features

  • Customized analytics report for every branded link created.
  • Can attach pixels to the tracking links created. It helps in retargeting the audience.
  • Personalized onboarding training is provided to beginners.


This tool offers five pricing plans: a free plan, starter plan costs $29 per month and allows 25,000 link tracking, the pro plan costs $69 per month and allows 150,000 link tracking, the premium plan costs $499 per month and allows 15,00,000 link tracking, the enterprise plan is custom priced.


ClixTrac is one of the best free click tracking software programs. So many beginner companies use their free plan to grow their business, but ClixTrack doesn’t need installation or downloads! It’s so easy-to-use that you don’t even have to set up scripts or databases on your own – giving beginners a great way to start building a customer base online.

Top Features

  • Easy-to-Use control panel
  • Provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports of impressions, clicks, etc.
  • The free plan offers a custom domain.


The plans of ClixTrac are very affordable. This software is available in 3 plans: free plan, the premium plan costs $4.95 per month, and the professional plan costs $9.95 per month.


If you are looking for a simple link tracking tool without much complexity, LinkTrackr is the best option.

Top Features

  • Without adding any code or script to the website, link tracking is done with the highest accuracy.
  • URL rotator to divert traffic to different landing pages.
  • PPC tracking can be done for paid campaigns.


This software is available in 3 different plans:

  • The basic plan starts at $17 per month.
  • The pro plan starts at $27 per month.
  • The hyper plan starts at $47 per month.


It is a cloud-based AI link tracking tool. It provides you with collective data on where the campaign is performing successfully and where the money is wasted if you run campaigns on different platforms.

Top Features

  • Application Program Interface allows the developers to access their accounts remotely.
  • Optimize the campaigns with A/B testing for better performance.


This tool offers four plans to the users. The basic plan costs $69 per month, the profit plan costs $149 per month, the grow plan costs $449 per month, and the agency plan costs $999 per month. If you plan to buy an annual plan, you get a 57% discount.

Pretty Links

The Pretty Links is the best link tracking software for WordPress. In addition to providing you with a way to track all of your links, it also helps manage redirects and affiliate links to make everything easier for you.

Top Features

  • It supports the autopilot feature for marketing.
  • This tool provides a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Can check weekly reports


All the plans of Pretty Links are super affordable. This tool offers three plans:

  • The beginner plan costs $49 per year.
  • The marketer plan costs $99 per year.
  • The super-affiliate plan costs $149 per year.


If you are looking for a link tracker that never expires and simple and effective to use, TinyURL is for you.

Top Features

  • You can create short URL’s within the browser
  • Links never expire
  • Works smoothly on emails


TinyURL has budget-friendly plans. The free plan offers unlimited link shortening, but it is ad-supported. The pro and bulk plan costs $9.99 per month and $99 per month, respectively.

What are the benefits of link tracking software?

Track Your Clicks: With the link tracking software, you can check where your traffic is coming from.

Know Your Visitors: With the help of link tracking software, you can understand geographical information about your visitors.

Understand why the Customers are Not Interested in Your Product: With the help of link tracking software, you can understand why customers unsubscribe to your emails. You can also understand the data from the analytics report provided by the link tracking software.

Frequently asked questions

What is link tracking?

Link tracking is a marketing activity that reports the effectiveness of a campaign. In addition, the link tracker provides information about where the clicks are coming from.

What is link tracking software?

A link tracking software is a tool that adds an attribute at the end of the URL to track the source of clicks and visitors to your campaigns.

How does link tracking software work?

Before a visitor is directed to your website or landing page, he is redirected to one of the tracking domains provided by the link tracking software.

Is link tracker safe?

Yes, link trackers are safe. However, make sure to use reputed link tracking software to avoid unnecessary link deletions. 


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