Gotowebinar Review 2022 – Is It Still Worth Choosing?


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

You have to admit, it’s not easy being a small business. You have to handle everything from marketing and advertising to customer service and product development on top of your usual day job.

GotoWebinar is one of the best webinar tools for businesses that want an affordable way to get ahead in our digital age.

What is Gotowebinar?

Gotowebinar is the webinar software that lets you host webinars, live presentations, or video conferences without mastering complicated recording or broadcasting skills. This is an ideal tool for businesses who want to create lead-capturing webinars or those who want to effectively communicate with their customers about their products and services.

It’s great for live training, demonstrations, and events. As a platform, it is well designed, reliable, and extremely functional too – with chat capabilities as part of the package, as well as recording tools that allow you to replay any webinar.

Key Features

Webinar App 

To have stable and reliable meetings, GoToWebinar has launched its own app. Whenever there is a new meeting to join, users can simply tap on the application and join the webinar. However, a few attendees might find it troublesome to download the application and use it on their mobile. Instead, a few prefer joining the webinars directly over the browser.

Ease of Setup & Different Types of Webinar

On GoToWebinar you can host different types of webinars (live and automated).

Live Webinar: Live webinars are pre-scheduled and help the host to interact with the audience live. These kinds of webinars are best suitable for product demos, live presentations, and also for coaching.

Automated Webinars: Automated webinars are pre-recorded. Audiences can watch the webinar in their free time and there is no need for the host to be present. Automated webinars work best for evergreen content. Moreover, the audience can ask queries on the automated webinars which will be sent as an email to the host.

Both one-time and recurring webinars can be set up at a regular interval, with the help of GoToWebinar. At max, 6 panelists and 6 hosts are allowed in the highest plan of the GoToWebinar.

Registration Page

GoToWebinar allows very little customization when it comes to registration pages. You can only change the logo, featured image, and feature colors on the registration page. However, if you would like to add a large featured image or a video, these features restrict you from doing so.

The maximum image dimension that can be uploaded on the registration page is 200×200. No matter, whatever might be the event, the registration page looks the same in GoToWebinar.

The only advantage of GoToWebinar is that you can add custom questions to the registration page to collect more information from your audience. However, it is not recommended to have more questions on the page, as it can reduce the registrations.

Email Tools

Once the audience registers on your landing page, they will receive a confirmation email that contains information like a custom message, a webinar link, a link to the calendar, and a link to cancel their opt-in.

Based on the webinar scheduled, registrants will receive reminder emails up to 3 times. Also, one downside of the email is that the customization features of the body content are limited.

Based on the audience interaction, you can segment them into different categories and send them personalized emails. For the attendees who stayed till the end of the webinar, you can also generate a certificate through GoToWebinar.

Audience Interaction Tools

To make the webinar more engaging for the audience, you can create polls and surveys with the help of GoToWebinar. You can also ask the audience Q&A to understand if they are able to receive your content or not. However, the downside of the GoToWebinar is that it does not have any CTA buttons or tools to generate quick sales during the webinar.

Interestingly, the attendees cannot chat with the host or each other, as the GoToWebinar does not have any public chat option available.


The presentation during the webinar is not clear to the attendees, which is a big drawback. The host cannot upload a slideshow directly to the platform. Also, the PDFs and handouts uploaded during the webinar do not send out any notifications to the audience. The host has to inform the audience to check the handout files by navigating around the webinar interface.


The cheapest plan on GoToWebinar costs $59/month which allows the user to host only webcasts.

The standard plan costs $129/month which allows you to host a webinar with up to 250 audiences. However, this plan does not allow features like an automated webinar, certificates, source tracking, etc.

If you want to try out the platform, GoToWebinar allows a 7-day free trial, which is one of the best parts of this platform.

Gotowebinar Pros and Cons


  • To make the calls more stable and reliable, there is a GoToWebinar app.
  • Automated webinars can be hosted.
  • Follow-up emails can be scheduled with this tool.
  • Attentiveness tracking can be done on this platform. This helps in the proper segmentation of the audience.
  • Webinar recordings can be trimmed and edited.


  • There are no CTA buttons to drive sales during the webinar.
  • There is no chat option for the audience to interact with the host as well as each other.
  • Cannot upload slides or presentations during the webinar.

Our Recommendation

Though there are some cons to the webinar platform, it can be used for product demos, webcasts, etc. If you are looking for stable webinar performance, then GoToWebinar is the best choice.


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