23 Ultimate Sites to Get Free Stock Photos in 2022

free stock photos
free stock photos

Last Updated on January 2, 2022

For every small business owner it is very challenging to find free stock stock photos for their website. As soon as you create your website you ill find that you need photos to make it attractive and for this you need high resolution royalty free photos.

Life is all about being captured as memories and the best way to capture all of these memories is photography. In the 21st century, photography has become an integrated part of design and art.

The sad part of the story is all of us have been brought up by bringing in a front of cheesy and classy photos of gentlemen shaking hands and other sophisticated and well-mannered ideals. Here we discuss to get free stock photos from many best sites.

Well, this not only looks tacky but is also costly at times. However, in the competition found today in the market, new websites are popping up with a beautiful stock of photographs which you can find for free.

This is the time to take advantage of what is available in the market. For the best of your help, we will be providing below top 23 sites where you can find free stock photos without facing any such issue.

Different Types of License 

Before moving forward with the sites, it is important for you to understand the different types of license under which photographs are usually issued. In easy word, we can say that copyrights is a kind of binding between the buyer and the seller to meet up with the legal rules and regulations stated in the agreement.

These license can be well framed as copyrights, royalty free, rights-managed and flat free.

The use of legal terms where necessary on the terms of both the photographer and the buyer. A brief note on the different types of license has been provided below.

  1. Copyrights – When a photographer clicks a particular photograph, he/she becomes the owner of that picture. Now, it is completely to him/her whether, the photograph is to be sold or not. Therefore, if the photograph is kept for sale, particular legal agreement has to be made for the interest of both the buyer and the seller.
  2. Royalty Free License – Under the royalty free license, the buyer has to pay for the license just once and thus, he becomes the owner of that photograph. However, he don’t have the right to distribute the photograph to his known one. They has to get it completely by their own self by paying for the license.
  3. Flat Free License – If you are looking to own a particular photograph up to you, then this is the license that you should opt for. Under this, the photograph can be sold to a single individual who is termed as the ‘end user’. Not even the photographer gets the right to sale the photo to anyone else.
  4. Right-Managed License – Here, the buyer has to pay to use the picture for a particular situation like advertisement, editing, tutorial or anything else. The buyer gets strictly restricted from using the same for any other purpose. However, if he wants to use it for some other important purpose then he can opt for a second license.

List of Free Stock Photos Sites

So, here is the list of top 23 websites to get free stock photos


At Pexels, you can find high quality pictures without any worry. All the photographs here are nicely searchable, tagged and also easy to discover using the discover pages available.

License Type: Free Stock photos under the Creative Commons Zero license

High Resolution: Yes


Best of the quality is being assured by this particular site. There is a reason why it stands at the second position on our list and the reason can be known by visiting the site itself.

License Type: Free photos under Unsplash license

High Resolution: Yes


Stocksnap is one of the best free stock photos website providing the best of the resolution possible with the aim of rendering quality services.

License Type: Free of All License

High Resolution: Yes


Pixabay is no such new website in the market. It has been here for a long time and still focus to provide photographs both for free and money. The one best for you is what you need to opt for.

License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


Canva deserves to be in the top 5 of our list and thus it is without any failure.

License Type: Copyrights Reserved by Canva

High Resolution: Yes


Burst.shopify is just like any other free stock photograph site but this time it is powered by shopify with the aim of providing the most required photographs in the market according to the demand.

License Type: Copyrights Reserved by Shopify

High Resolution: Yes


Being new in the market, it first faced a hell lot of problems but now is on track and is doing great.

License Type:  Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


Icons8 is a world class brand where you can find the perfect photograph that you have been looking for a long time. The search may be difficult one but won’t be a disappointing one.

License Type: All types of license available

High Resolution: Yes


All the images are totally for free. So, if you are worried to miss out your favourite image because you have to pay for it then you are completely wrong.

License Type: Rights Reserved by Freeimages

High Resolution: Definitely Yes


Reshot.com has fulfilled the demands of the users since the very first day without any issue. However, any problem faced by the users are met with as soon as possible.

License Type: Rights Reserved exclusively by Reshot

High Resolution: Yes


The name suggest the website to be particularly on food but it isn’t so. Other genres are being covered too.

License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


Leading the market, the company has managed to make their own rules and regulations which is slightly different from the regular one and is also beneficial for both the parties in some way or another.

License Type: Exclusively License by Gratisography

High Resolution: Yes


Just like the above sites, photographs at freestocks is totally free of cost and is of high resolution.

License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


With more than a lakh photograph on the site, pictography was meant to be on our list today.

License Type: All different types of license available

High Resolution: Yes


The name suggests something bigger and better than else. Well, that’s what you get when you go with MMTStock which will make you fall in love with itself.

License Type: Exclusive rights by MMTStock

High Resolution: Yes


Picjumbo is one of my favourite sites which I look forward to visit whenever I am in urgent need.

License Type: Rights Reserved by PicJumbo

High Resolution: Yes


Quite offend, individuals expect a great matter of facts from this particular site!

License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: All rights reserved by skiteerphoto

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: exclusively copyrights by Morguefile

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: Exclusively license by Magdeleine itself

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: Covered by Shotstash itself

High Resolution: Yes


License Type: Creative Common Zero License

High Resolution: Yes

All the 23 websites provided above are going to provide you free stock images of high quality. We are damn sure about the fact that none of the website will lead down your expectations.

However, the desired image required you may not be found at every other desk. A bit of search work is needed to meet with the desire photograph but the search won’t be a failure if you are visiting all the 23 websites mentioned above.

In case, you need any other help regarding the topic, feel free to ask for our help. We are open to all your questions and queries.

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