EverWebinar Review 2022 – Best for Automated Webinars


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

Live webinars have always played a crucial role in digital marketing. They help in boosting your brand reputation as well as share your word across the audience.

Webinars are the easiest ways to communicate with a vast audience at once and convert them at scale. For marketers who are looking to automate their webinars 24/7, then EverWebinar is the best webinar platform for you.

What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is a web-based tool that helps to create automated, on-demand, and live webinars with ease. Genesis launched this platform in the year 2015.

Rather than conducting webinars every day or a week, you can record the webinar once, and people can watch it anytime. It means that your pre-recorded video gives attendees an experience of an actual webinar whenever they sign up on your registration page.

These evergreen webinars are best suitable for bloggers, SaaS product owners, and businesses who want to engage their audience on-demand.



Price: From $99mo

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Key Features

  • Live Chat: To create better engagement for your webinar, you can answer the queries of the attendees on live chat. Moreover, you can go through the chat history and respond to previous messages of the audience as well.
  • Visual Page Builder: You can create visually appealing registration pages for your attendees, even if you do not know HTML and graphic designing. You can also use the pre-built templates as registration pages for your webinar.
  • Create Urgency: You can create a sense of urgency by limiting the number of slots or copies you sell during the webinar. You can also use the countdown timer to create scarcity for your products. During the webinar, hosts can pop up special offers for the attendees and push the product at scale. It helps to gain a lot of revenue, as the attendees have minimal time left to purchase your product.
  • Surveys and Polls: To ensure your audience’s engagement during the webinar, you can conduct creative polls and surveys.
  • Dynamic Attendee Display: You can mimic a live event by creating social proof by generating fake attendees to the webinar. For example, if you want the webinar to appear to have 500-600 live attendees, you can do that by using the dynamic attendee feature.
  • Customized Scheduling: You can offer the webinar as frequently as you can. Moreover, you can schedule the webinar every week, every day, or continuously every hour with their just-in-time feature. It helps to grab a lot of attendees for the webinar.
  • Email and SMS notifications: EverWebinar sends automated email notifications to the attendees who have registered for the upcoming webinars. You can set the frequency of the email notification reminders in the advanced settings.
  • Live Sales Alerts: Live sales alerts will help attendees know how many peers purchase the offer promoted during the webinar. It will motivate the other attendees to make a quick purchase before the offer ends.
  • Hybrid Webinars: This feature helps to take advantage of both live and automated webinars.
  • Integration: EverWebinar is capable of integrating with a wide range of tools. It helps you to automate most of the webinar process. For example, you can send scheduled email newsletters to the audience registered on your mail list using MailChimp.
  • Waiting Room: While the attendees wait for the webinar to begin, you can play a video to keep them engaged. You can also play a custom pre-recorded video in the waiting room.
  • Automate Triggers: You can use triggers to send automatic emails to the attendees if they leave the webinar halfway or forget to attend the webinar, etc.
  • Split Testing: This feature helps you understand which version of the automated webinar yields better revenues and engagement for your business.


EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar offers three plans to the users:

  • Instalment: This plan costs $99 per month.
  • Annual: This plan costs $499 per year.
  • Biennial: This plan costs $799 per year.

Instead of having varying functionalities in each plan, EverWebinar has made changes only in terms of payment. This way, users can try first and then subscribe to higher plans.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons


  • Automation: Automation is straightforward to set up on EverWebinar. You can run the webinar 24/7, which helps in boosting your revenue round the clock.
  • Fire Integration Events: EverWebinar is compatible and can be integrated easily with many third-party tools. You can make the automated webinars the best use with the help of these integrations.
  • Reset Time: Stealth seminar has an option to automate the reset time. It keeps you safe from the attendees realizing it is an automated webinar.
  • No Contract: There is no lock-in period for any of the services offered by EverWebinar. You can pay month on month for the subscription.


  • Email Reminders Not Included: There are no email reminders available in any of their plans. You need to pay an additional cost to use this feature.
  • Weak Reporting: The reporting and analytics provided by the EverWebinar are pretty weak. It does not include details like where the attendee bounced during the webinar.
  • Stimulate Live Chat: Though you can check the previous messages and reply manually to each attendee over the webinar, you cannot schedule a chat to appear at specific points of time during the webinar.











EverWebinar Alternatives

Our Recommendation

EverWebinar is the best tool to automate webinars. You can record the webinar for once and then automate it forever. Stealth Seminar is one of the best features to make your recorded webinar appear to be live.


Can we do live webinars on EverWebinar?

No, you cannot do live webinars on Everwebinars. You need to record a live webinar using the tools like Zoom and then upload its recording to EverWebinar to covert it into a automated webinar.


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