EasyWebinar Review 2021 – An Easy to Use Webinar Platform


Last Updated on September 9, 2021

Webinars are an effective way to generate leads and keep the customers engaged. Businesses can provide interactive training to the clients and onboard them hassle-free through automated webinars. EasyWebinar is one the best webinar software platforms for those who want an easy to use yet powerful tool to create effective webinars.

What is Easywebinar?

Easywebinar is a web-based platform that allows marketers to create automated and evergreen webinars that gives an experience of live event. It was founded in 2018 by Casey Zeman. Currently, EasyWebinar serves more than 8000 clients.

EasyWebinar has created many tutorials on how to use their product and make the best use of it. If you ever need hand-holding for setting up effective webinars, then EasyWebinar is the right pick.



Price: From $78 - $499/mo

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Key Features

  • Top Quality Webinar: The onboarding sessions and live meetings experience are very smooth with the help of EasyWebinar. There is no latency or delay during the live stream, and hence the audience can watch the high quality webinar in real-time. The TrueVoice technology ensures that the voice is always in sync with the video.
  • Attendee Engagement: EasyWebinar supports real-time chat to keep the attendees engaged. Attendees can ask their queries and get them solved when the live streaming is going on. Hosts can make creative polls and surveys to keep the attendees engaged and also take feedback on their products through the same process.
  • Push Offers: During the webinar, hosts can push the offers and also upsell their products. It will bring in extra revenue during the webinar. Moreover, creating scarcity through a countdown timer will help in increasing the sales during the webinar.
  • EasyCast: EasyCast feature will let the webinar stream simultaneously on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It will grab a lot of audience attention in the webinar.
  • Advanced Analytics: EasyWebinar clean user interface helps you to understand the performance of webinars hosted. Through its detailed analysis and reporting, you can easily understand how many webinar attendees watched the webinar until the end? How many of them have bounced at the start? And how many people have purchased the offers during the webinar? With this information, you can strategize to increase audience engagement.
  • Make Attendee a Presenter: During the webinar, hosts can make the attendees a presenter. It helps the attendees to share their reviews or experience with the products. It, in turn, helps in improving the branding and trust value of your products.
  • Multiple Presenters: You can run your webinar with multiple presenters and with its screen sharing feature each one can share their screen, camera and microphone for presentation.
  • On-Time Registration: With the convenient on-time registration feature using their registration page, you can make the attendees feel that they have signed up for the webinar just on time, even for the automated webinars.
  • Mobile App: To attend the webinar through mobile phone, attendees must install the EasyWebinar mobile app.


EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar offers three plans to its customers:

  • Standard Plan: This plan costs $78/mo and allows 100 live attendees and 100 automated attendees.
  • Pro Plan: This plan costs $129/mo and allows 500 live attendees and automated attendees.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $499/mo and allows 2000 live attendees and automated attendees.

Apart from the number of attendees allowed, there aren’t many differences in the features offered in the three plans. However, the higher plans offer foundation courses and excellent customer service.

Moreover, if paid annually, the Enterprise plan supports unlimited attendees, and also three months free subscription is added as a bonus.

For first-time webinar creators, the standard plan is best suitable, as it allows 100 live attendees.

EasyWebinar Pros and Cons


  • Easy To Set Up: The webinars are easy to set up and do not require any technical experience. Even first-time webinar creators find it easy to navigate the dashboard.
  • Worth the Investment: Choosing EasyWebinar is worth every penny of your investment. It offers both live and automated webinars for the pricing it comes at, whereas the competitor platforms provide only live webinars for the exact pricing.
  • Customer Support: The customer support provided by this platform is excellent. The executives are available round the clock to solve customer queries as quickly as possible.
  • Webinar Customization: There are many webinar customization options available in the dashboard, and it allows the host to schedule the webinar event or put it on automation if needed. Moreover, EasyWebinar supports multiple devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, a browser-based platform.
  • Integrations: This platform supports integration with all major platforms like ActiveCampaign, Marketo, GetResponse, AWeber, etc., for email marketing automation. It also supports integration with YouTube live.


  • Cannot use Google Slides: You cannot use Google slides directly to present on the webinar. You must convert the Google slides files into Microsoft Powerpoint files to show on the webinar.
  • No Whiteboard: Unlike other webinar platforms, EasyWebinar does not support whiteboards for drawing or writing while sharing the screen during the webinar. Though it is not a must-have feature, having it will make the webinar more engaging.
  • Live Chat: For managing Q&A, you must have to implement the live chat properly. At times, the queries of the attendees go missing.











EasyWebinar Alternatives

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a decent platform to automate the webinars and lead generation, then EasyWebinar is the right webinar solution.


How much does EasyWebinar cost?

Easy webinar pricing starts from $78/mo for their standard plan that includes 100 live attendees. For more information on their pricing please visit the EasyWebinar website.


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