19 Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2022


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

With the current pandemic scenario, the world has gone digital, which has increased the demand for webinar software.

Webinars are an excellent medium for:

  • Showcasing a product demo to the clients
  • Creating a customer training video on how to use your product
  • Educating employees on standard operating procedures
  • Creating online courses to train individuals on various subjects


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Best Webinar Software


If you are looking for webinar software for live events, then WebinarJam is the best option. It comes at an affordable price. However, if you want to automate your webinar, it is recommended to purchase EverWebinar (sister company of WebinarJam).

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Scheduling: Scheduling the webinars on this platform is flexible. You can run the webinar any time of your choice.

Live Chat: You can create sticky announcements, communicate with your audience through public and private comments, etc.,

Offers: You can show offers to your attendees for a limited time on webinars.

SMS and Email: This software is compatible with many email sending platforms. You can also integrate it with third-party SMS sending services. This option is beneficial to send timely reminders to the customers.

Paid Webinar: Without using third-party payment gateways, you can easily collect money for your paid webinars on this platform.


WebinarJam offers three pricing plans:

Basic: This plan costs $499 per year, and it allows 500 attendees with two hosts. You can conduct a webinar for 2 hours without any interruption.

Professional: The professional plan costs $699 per year, and it allows 2,000 attendees with four hosts. You can conduct a webinar for 3 hours without any interruption.

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan costs $999 per year, and it allows 5,000 attendees with two hosts. You can conduct a webinar for 4 hours without interruption.

The professional and Enterprise plan provides an always-on live room through which the attendees can join the webinar using the same URL every time.

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Livestorm is an upcoming webinar service that offers free options to new users. The only downside of this webinar platform is that it does not integrate with other email services. This platform supports three types of webinars: Automated, on-demand, and live webinars.

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Live Chat: You can communicate with the attendees in real-time.

Instant and Scheduled Meetings: It allows two-way meetings like the Zoom platform.

HD Webinars: You can record the webinar in HD format.

Screen Sharing: You can share the screen with the attendees to showcase your product and presentations.


Livestorm offers three plans:

Free: The free plan is best suitable for beginners who want to test this platform. It supports ten attendees with one host for 20 minutes.

Premium: The premium plan costs $109 per month and supports 100 attendees with one host for 4 hours.

Enterprise: This plan is customized as per the business requirements. However, this plan supports 1,000 attendees with four hosts for 10 hours.


EverWebinar is the best platform for small and medium businesses that aim to generate leads through virtual events. It is a sister company of WebinarJam but sold in a bundle. Reputed brands like AppSumo, Podia, etc., trust this platform.

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Automated Webinars: You can create unlimited automated webinars and broadcast them on the platform. You can also run a pre-recorded webinar and only handle the chat if needed.

Ask a Question: Instead of traditional chats in the webinar, this platform provides you with an option for “Ask a Question” that sends all the attendees’ questions to the host’s email.

Webinar University: On purchasing the EverWebinar plans, access to Webinar University is included with numerous how-to guides on producing excellent webinars.


Everwebinar offers a 14-day trial for $1 for anyone who wishes to try the platform before subscribing.

The monthly plan costs $99, the annual plan costs $42/mo, and the biennial plan costs $34/mo. However, all these plans have the same features to offer but based on the length of the subscription term, the pricing varies.


Demio is a browser-based webinar tool that can record HD videos. It produces professional webinars that help in good conversions for any product. Live videos do not have any lag in the interaction. It is almost near real-time and allows you to interact with the audience in HD quality.

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Custom Domain: You can use a custom domain for the webinar page and replay page.

Supports all browsers: This software supports all browsers, and it does not require any app installation.

Pre-made Templates: The registration templates are pre-made. It makes your work simple.

Launch Offers: During the webinar, you can launch the offers and provide a call to action button.


Demio offers four plans:

Starter: It costs $49 per month and does not offer an automated webinar feature.’

Growth: It costs $99 per month with a capacity of 150 attendees and also has an automated webinar feature.

Business: The business plan costs $234 per month and supports a capacity of 500 attendees.

Premium: The premium plan is customized as per the business requirement. 


Apart from the webinar platform, Getresponse has all marketing tools like autoresponders, YouTube integration, advanced email marketing, etc.

You can schedule webinars and also send timely emails to the subscribers through GetResponse. The email registration feature helps get new subscribers for your business and sends an automatic thank you email to the subscribers immediately.

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CRM for Scaling: This tool comes with CRM to manage the subscribers at scale, which helps you manage the webinars in the best possible manner.

Reporting: Getresponse provides in-depth reporting of subscribers, attendees, and the conversions achieved through each webinar.

Desktop Sharing: Hosts can share their desktops during the webinar to make the presentations more effective. It comes in handy at the time of product demo presentations.


Getresponse offers a free trial of up to 1000 subscribers beyond which you need to subscribe for the following plans:

  • Plus Plan: This plan supports up to 100 attendees for the webinar. It costs $49 per month.
  • Professional: This plan costs $99 per month and supports webinars with a maximum capacity of 300 attendees. It also provides an option to conduct paid webinars.
  • Max: This plan is custom priced as per the company’s requirements.


WebinarNinja is a web-based webinar tool that supports live, automated, and hybrid webinars. Brands like AppSumo, Baremetrics, and Podia already use this platform for their webinars.


4 Webinar Types: As mentioned earlier, this tool supports four types of the webinar:

  • Live: Broadcasted in real-time with audience interaction
  • Automated: This is run at different durations or on-audience demand
  • Series: It is a group of webinars pushed at once
  • Hybrid: This type of webinar provides the advantage of both recorded and live videos.

Screen sharing: The screen sharing option helps give an excellent presentation or product demos.

Polls: To make the webinar more engaging, hosts can create interactive polls.


Starter: This plan costs $49 per month and allows 100 attendees with a maximum webinar duration of 2 hours.

Pro: This plan costs $95 per month and allows 100 attendees with a maximum webinar duration of 4 hours. Also, this plan supports up to 5 hosts for a webinar.

Plus: This plan costs $159 per month and allows 500 attendees with a maximum webinar duration of 6 hours. Also, this plan supports up to 7 hosts for a webinar.

Power: This plan costs $249 per month and allows 1000 attendees with a maximum webinar duration of 8 hours. Also, this plan supports up to 11 hosts for a webinar.


This cloud-based webinar tool allows you to record and share screens, social media broadcasting, and many more.

Without downloading or installing the LiveWebinar application, you can efficiently conduct webinars on this platform. Moreover, it is compatible with all the browsers like Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, etc., 

If you have good traffic on your website, you can also embed these webinars on it. This embedding feature allows you to get more conversions on your webinar.


Whiteboard: The whiteboard feature allows you to draw and explain on the webinars when required.

Room Splitting: During the webinar, you can easily split the room into micro rooms and manage the webinar easily.

Translation: If you have attendees from different parts of the world, this webinar platform helps translate into multiple languages in real-time.


Free: The free plan supports up to 5 attendees.

Pro: Pro plan costs $11.99 per month and supports up to 100 attendees.

Business: This plan costs $95.20 per month and supports up to 500 attendees.

Custom: For more than 1000 attendees, the plan is custom priced.


GoToWebinar is an application-based webinar that makes it mandatory for your attendees to download the application to watch your webinars. However, this is one of the few webinar platforms that can handle attendees above 5000.


GoToMeeting: With every plan of GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting is also included.

Email Reminder: You can send automated email reminders to the subscribers about your next webinar.

Pre-recorded events: You can broadcast pre-recorded webinars as live webinars.


GoToWebinar offers four plans:

Lite: This plan supports 100 attendees with one channel and costs $59 per month.

Standard: This plan costs $129/mo and supports up to 250 attendees per webinar.

Pro: This plan costs $249/mo and supports up to 500 attendees per webinar. It provides access to 3 channels.

Enterprise: This plan costs $499/mo and supports up to 3000 attendees per webinar. It provides access to 5 channels.

The video embedding option is available in standard, pro, and enterprise plans. Other features like video editor, source tracking, etc., are available only in pro and enterprise plans.


BlueJeans is best suited for hosting live events and webcasts for prominent attendees. It provides an upgraded video event experience, unlike the outdated presentation templates. The dashboard is rich in features and offers many valuable options for one-to-one and one-to-many communication.


Feature Rich Dashboard: The dashboard is filled with many useful options that make webinar hosting very easy.

Browser-Based: This application is browser-based and does not require any applications to download to watch the webinars.

HTML Embed: This feature allows the host to stream the webinar on any custom domains of their choice.


The plan starts at $99 per month for 100, 200, and 500 attendees. You need to contact the sales department for more significant attendees (above 50,000) for custom pricing.


This platform supports both automated and live webinars. EasyWebinar is best suitable for beginners as they can easily navigate through the dashboard and understand every feature within no time.

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Chat: Hosts can chat with the attendees in real-time and interact with emojis as well.

No Latency: There is no delay in presentations or webinars. Hosts can interact with the attendees in real-time.

Push Offers: Lets the hosts send offers to the attendees during the webinar.


EasyWebinar comes in 3 plans: 

Standard: It costs $78/mo and supports 100 attendees.

Pro: It costs $90 per month and supports 500 attendees.

Enterprise: It costs $499 per month and supports 2000 attendees.


It is a cloud-based webinar platform that offers affordable plans to users. Moreover, this tool is easy to set up and does not require any technical skills.

Attendees need not download any software or application to watch the webinars. You can host Webinars from mobile as well.


Language: MyOwnConference supports over 16 languages, making it easy for hosts to understand the language of attendees.

Blacklist: It makes it easy for the hosts to remove the attendees who violate the webinar rules.

Record in multiple formats: Webinar recording can be done in SD, HD, and Full HD formats.


MyOwnConference offers both free and paid plans. The free plan supports 20 attendees and up to 20 minutes of the webinar. The paid plan costs $30 per month and supports up to 60 attendees.


BigMarker is a browser-based webinar platform that is best suitable for users with prominent attendees. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of hosts who can conduct the webinar.


Live Q&A: This platform allows the hosts to interact with attendees through live Q&A to make the webinar more interactive.

Multiple Webinars: You can create live, evergreen, and automated webinars through this tool.

Broadcast: You can broadcast live events on Facebook, Youtube, and social platforms.


  • The starter plan costs $79 per month with one host license and 100 attendees.
  • The elite plan is priced at $159 per month with two hosts licenses and 500 attendees’ permission.
  • The premier plan is priced at $299 per month with four host licenses and 1000 attendees’ permission.
  • The white-label plan is custom priced for attendees above 10,000.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting allows video conferencing as well as webinar solutions. For team collaborations, application-based demos, etc., this platform comes in handy.


Browser-based: This does not require any application to be downloaded. Attendees can watch the webinar with a simple click.

Recordings: Webinar recordings are available to share with the attendees over the mail.

Polling: To make the webinar more engaging for the attendees, hosts can use creative polling options.


Zoho Meeting offers a free plan for two attendees with unlimited meeting time. The basic paid plan starts at $10 per month for 25 attendees and goes up to $150 for 10,000 attendees.


Click meeting is one of the affordable webinar platforms. Though it does not support many integrations yet, it makes webinar hosting an effortless thing. You can integrate this tool with Zapier for email automation.

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Three webinars and two meeting events: Apart from the webinar option, ClickMeeting also provides you with the choice for hosting live meetings.

ManyChat: With this option, you can quickly answer the attendee’s question and moderate the chat during the session.

MobileApp: You can host the meetings through mobile apps as well as using the ClickMeeting software.

Toll-Free Numbers: Attendees who do not have access to the internet connection can dial into the toll-free number and access the webinar.


ClickMeeting offers three plans:

  • The live plan costs $25 per month with 6 hours of recording storage.
  • The automated plan costs $45 per month with 10 hours of storage.
  • The enterprise plan is customized as per business requirements, and it allows four hosts with 10 hours of recording storage.


WebinarsonAir is the best option for anyone who cannot afford to spend a vast sum of money on subscriptions. Freelancers, small and medium businesses can use this tool for hosting their webinars at a very minimal monthly subscription.

Up to 10 people can speak simultaneously, and the live translation works excellent on this platform.


Easy to Join: There is no additional software required to join the webinar. It is a browser-based application.

Auto Record: An automatic recording feature records the webinar and auto publishes it on your YouTube channel.


This software offers a 30-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $19.97 per month for 25 attendees, and for unlimited attendees, it costs $99 per month.


Livestream is designed for corporate clients and educational institutions. There is no count on the maximum number of attendees that can attend the webinar.


Unlimited Attendees: All Livestream plans have no limit on the number of attendees for a webinar.

Monetize Events: You can monetize the events with the help of the pay-per-view feature in Livestream.


Livestream offers a 30-day free trial. There are three paid plans provided by Livestream

Basic: It starts at $42/mo and has no limit on attendees.

Premium: Costs $199 per month with analytics and live embedding.

Enterprise: Costs $799 per month and comes with advanced features like password protection for webinars, privacy controls, etc.


Zoom is a reputed video webinar company that is best known for hosting webinars for a large audience. It is best suitable for companies that host regular live meetings.


Large Panelists: Zoom can handle a large number of panelists at once (approx 100).

Live Chat: Hosts can interact with the attendees in public chat or one-on-one.

Third-party live streaming: Zoom allows simultaneous live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, etc.


The basic plan starts at $40/mo for 100 attendees and goes up to $6490/mo for 10,000 attendees. For more than 10000 attendees, you need to contact the sales team.


AnyMeeting lets you host virtual meetings from anywhere across the world. To join the webinar, attendees need not install any software or application.


Custom Invitations: Hosts can send custom invitations and emails for upcoming webinars.

Green Room: AnyMeeting features a Greenroom for the attendees to go through the information before the webinar starts.


  • The lite plan is priced at $48/mo and supports up to 50 attendees.
  • Pro plan is priced at $128/mo and supports up to 200 attendees.
  • The enterprise plan costs $298/mo and supports up to 1000 attendees.


It is an easy-to-use webinar software and is best suitable for beginners with no experience in hosting webinars before.


Branding: If you are looking for personal branding, the premium plan supports the feature.

Speaker Notes: During the webinar, speaker notes can be added by the admin.


WebinarGeek offers a 14-day free trial post in which the users can upgrade to either a starter plan costing $26.91 per month or a premium plan costing $55.23 per month.

What is webinar software?

Webinar software is an application installed on a PC or through a browser that allows capturing and sharing the screen for video presentations.

What are the benefits of webinar software?

Cost-effective: Webinar software is a cost-effective way of promoting a business online. Since most of the audience who join the webinar are already interested in your service, making a sale is easier. It does not require any physical location and business setup.

Improves lead generation: Through automation, you can quickly churn out leads using the webinar software.

Guest Presenters: Webinar software allows the hosts to invite guest presenters from the audience, to make the webinar more engaging and knowledgeable.


The webinar software mentioned above are the best in the industry. Depending on your business and the size of your audience, you can choose webinar software from the list given above.


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