6 Best Options for VPS Hosting in 2022


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

A website’s files and data before appearing on the internet must reside on a hosting server.

One such server includes VPS also known as the Virtual Private Servers, private means that you get all of the server resources allocated to you privately. It is a better option than using a shared service. Today we will discuss the best VPS hosting for your website.

As in shared hosting, your files are kept with other files from other websites, and the resources are shared among all on that server. You get little control of the settings or operation of that server.

Then there’s dedicated hosting, in which you can take the amount of server space you’ll need. You won’t have to share your resources and server bandwidth as there is no sharing with other websites. It also gives you control over the computing operations and also allows you to customize the software, even if you do not have access to the hardware of the server.

Now VPS provides you with the best of both at a cost-effective price. It provides you with your own space on a physical server that is partitioned into multiple private environments.

The technical term for this is “virtualization.” As others may be on the same server as you but your space will be yours alone and you won’t have to share it with anyone.

If You are just starting out, you can use Shared Web Hosting to lower your cost. However, you will not get flexibilities like VPS but good for sites that do not need server level script management.

Our Top Options for VPS Hosting

VPS hosting gives you total control over the server. So you’ll be able to customize, install software, change settings, add users and you would even be able to turn the server on and off.

In general, VPS hosting is more affordable. It’s a good solution when you want your own server space and resources, and control of dedicated hosting but you don’t need the amount of space and power that dedicated hosting provides.


Starting Price: $4 / Month

Money Back: Anytime

Server Locations: Toronto, New York, London, Santa Clara, Dallas, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong

Kamatera VPS Hosting

Kamatera is a global service provider established in 1995, revered by many as one of the best and most affordable hosting services. Thanks to its twenty years of expertise with thousands of servers globally. Kamatera is at the absolute cutting edge of cloud computing technology.

It is a business solution that can be used for many computing tasks and requirements. Kamatera’s server allows businesses to grow, with their high performing, affordable rating compared to other servers.

They offer cloud hosting service at a very low cost with flexible servers. It offers quite a variety of cloud services depending on the requirement like hosting virtual private servers, Cloud private network, cloud migration, cloud consulting, and more.

The main benefit of Kamatera is its affordability and flexibility. The cloud servers charge you by the minute, so low usage means bigger savings. Moreover, it requires little or no hardware maintenance. Its cloud-based nature matches the requirements of specific businesses. With its cloud management console, you can easily increase or decrease the options ( firewalls, server capacity, disk storage).

As it requires no maintenance because it is cloud-based, there’s no worry about maintaining the hardware. It’s a very cost-effective way as it can save you a lot of time and money. The solution is so flexible that you won’t have to pay more than what you need. Even the data centers of Kamatera maximize their resources to keep the cost low.

Kamatera is one of the very few cloud service providers who offer a justified price for their services. They do offer a free trial for you to test out their server. Its prices can be set on an Hourly/Monthly based system, according to you. They offer complete flexibility to their clients so that you can try out any of their products even without spending a single penny.


  • 30-days free trial period
  • Budget-friendly costing
  • No maintenance
  • Helpful customer service
  • Application software and website developers
  • Short try out period of products
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive cloud resources
  • Back up requires additional charges
  • No free domain name


Starting Price: $19.99 / Month

Money Back: 30 Days

Server Locations: Provo

Bluehost VPS Hosting

Bluehost is a trusting web hosting provider owned by Endurance International Group is considered one of the largest website hosting providers as millions of websites are powered by them. It’s quite quick and easy to get a website up and running with Bluehost. It has an easy-to-use interface which is ideal for any beginner.

Its user-friendliness is one of the features that sets Bluehost apart as they make it easy for anyone to manage a website, even if it is the first time you had a website. This uses a cPanel which is a hosting control panel that offers a ton of options or integrations. The flexible and powerful servers of Bluehost allow multi-server management.

Bluehost makes it simple and easy to add any additional apps and plugins which can give your site more features and can help it to improve the experience of visitors to your website. You can even change the cash settings which allows you to delete the data stored on your website so that it loads faster.

It also gives you an overview of any updates that have happened or are yet to happen. You can also manage content such as your blog, you can directly moderate comments that you have received on your blog pages rather than having to log in to each of your sites individually.

Overall Bluehost is rich in features with excellent performance, has very reliable servers and though it is a budget-friendly web host, it has surprisingly great security features.

Bluehost is a high performing, budget-friendly cloud hosting service as it has proven it by the years. The first thing to notice about its prices is the huge discounts they give around the first year. Though renewal costs are a bit high Bluehost makes it worth it for its features.


  • Free domain name
  • Flawless WordPress Integration
  • 99.88% uptime guaranteed
  • Very dependable
  • No bandwidth limits


  • Expensive premium hosting plans
  • Low storage
  • A drastic increase in prices after the first year
  • No free site migration
  • Lack of hosting focus
  • Costly upgrades


Starting Price: $19.95 / Month

Money Back: 45 Days

Server Locations: United States

Hostgator VPS Hosting

Hostgator is a Houston based company. It is the leading provider of easy and secure web hosting services. Hostgator provides a lot of website hosting options, it guarantees a 99.9% uptime, along with a free SSL certificate. It also allows you to easily install WordPress and gives you a free domain for a year.

Hostgator is known for its affordability. It’s cheap but it offers you unlimited bandwidth and storage on all their plans.

Like many web hosting companies, the first year is heavily discounted and you get a free domain. It offers one website with the starter plan but unlimited with the others. You will get a dedicated IP address with this.

Hostgator also has other perks like advanced SSL options. Another noticeable thing is its very flexible payment cycles. Hostgator makes integrating your apps easier than before. The SSL certification of Hostgator ensures that your web traffic is secure. Any Comodo SSL that you purchase is risk-free so you easily refund it if you’re not satisfied. Hostgator also provides 24/7/365 support to its customers.

Hostgator is a very cheap service provider though it offers quite a lot of features along with a domain name. Compared to the other web hosting services Hostgator stands up to be cheaper and more reliable. It gives total value for its money


  • Cheap
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 99.9% uptime
  • cPanel Interface
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL database


  • “Unlimited” hosting is limited
  • Increase in renewal prices
  • Server location in the US only
  • Long waiting time for support


Starting Price: $19.99 / Month

Money Back: Anytime

Server Locations: Boston

iPage VPS Hosting

iPage is a Boston based website hosting company that was established in 1998, it offers a vast range of website hosting solutions for businesses to create websites. Today it hosts more than a million websites worldwide.

It is an affordable yet formidable hosting service. It is very well suited for beginners or newbie bloggers with a limited budget, it also is very easy to use which will benefit a newbie user. iPage has got everyone’s attention to intriguing prices.

iPage provides a lot of incredible features along with free domain registration. It also offers a wide range of freebies such as free SSL, free domain transfer, free drag, and drop site builder, and many more.

iPage offers you unlimited storage space, unlimited domain names, unlimited MySQL databases, it also provides access to thousands of free templates and file managers along with FTP manager.

It gives you free access to a $100 value security suite and mobile-optimized site builder. You can also have access to WordPress 1-click installer. Including all these iPage also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

iPage has reliable customer service with 24/7 phone and chat support.

iPage offers incredible prices for its term. It is a very budget-friendly hosting service suitable for beginners. They give attractive discounts for the first term. They do get a bit pricey when it comes to renewal but still, their packages are very popular across the world.


  • Free Domain name
  • Access to $200 worth of free credits with Google and Bing
  • Hosting unlimited domains
  • Free site builder
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Discount sale prices
  • User-friendly
  • Unlimited MySQL databases


  • It uses vDeck instead of cPanel
  • Lots of extra fee for additional services
  • No free site migration
  • No longer green

A2 Hosting

Starting Price: $4.99/ Month

Money Back: Anytime

Server Locations: Amsterdam, Singapore, Southfield

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fast, reliable US-based website hosting service started back in 2001, in Michigan. Since then it has grown a lot and has also become one of the most popular hosting providers.

A2 Hosting is known to the leader in Optimized hosting. This is popular for its shared hosting plans. It offers a lot of hosting products such as shared, VPS, dedicated hosting and it also offers windows-based hosting. You will get servers with advanced caching options and a lot of resources.

The longer the contract the cheaper it gets with A2 Hosting. It is not that difficult to use as it is logically structured and very intuitive. With it, you’ll be blue to add other users to give them access and assign them roles.

A2 Hosting uses cPanel to manage your hosting settings. It also creates daily automatic backups for your site, meaning you’ll have several backups available. All its plans come with SSL certificates.

It offers the latest PHP version up to PHP 7.4. This will make the site a bit more secure, using SSH you will be able to do remote encrypted logins. Additionally, there is a possibility that your A2 Hosting account has two-factor authentication. This will make your account more secure.

It gives an uptime commitment of 99.9%. A2 Hosting is one of the fastest providers and turbo plans come with an even higher performing server.

A2 Hosting is very popular for its exciting hosting plans. It is the one that most businesses need. They also offer WordPress hosting plans, which come with additional WordPress features.


  • Speed (it is one of the fastest providers you’ll ever use)
  • Performance
  • Advanced features
  • Server locations
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Windows-based hosting


  • Backups charge extra
  • Confusing checkout
  • Concurrent HTTP connections
  • Cluttered interface
  • Higher prices than other

Liquid web

Starting Price: $35 / Month

Money Back: Anytime

Server Locations: Lansing, Phoenix, San Antonio, Amsterdam

Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Liquid web is a reliable hosting service that started in 1997 and has managed to become the leader in managed VPS hosting, managed cloud hosting, and also dedicated server hosting.

Liquid web is widely known for its fast and high-quality support. All liquid web hosting service is highly tuned for speed, performance, and security, making it a completely hassle-free hosting solution. The liquid web has stellar support which offers dedicated servers, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and many more.

They also offer enterprise and solutions. All their plans include pre-installed WordPress, automatic WordPress updates, automatic backups, and one-click backup restores, choice of liquid webs WordPress dashboard, sync pro or cPanel, one-click staging sites that are available with the WordPress dashboard, free SSL certificates, and also free site migration.

Liquid webs cloud hosting plans are built on this storm platform which includes solid-state drives, SSDs. So those are much faster than the traditional hard drives. So cloud face CDN built-in backups enhance security and DDoS protection are all part of their plans.

Storm PPS cloud services are customizable servers of several different sizes and configurations, all in a shared cloud environment.

Liquid web is a decent value for money, offering great deals to its customers. It’s flexible and is packed with features along with its top of the line customer service.


  • Backing up large clients
  • High performing servers
  • High security
  • Uptime advantages
  • Great customer service


  • Shared hosting isn’t available
  • Highly expensive
  • No money-back guarantee.


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