9 Best Streaming Software in 2020

Best Streaming Software
Best Streaming Software

If you are looking to give a professional edge for your videos, then you must definitely have the best streaming software in 2020. A good streaming software will help you to add logos, well-mixed audio, and also improve the resolution of your video.

Finding a good streaming software can be very tricky, as there are many software available in the market right now. So, to clear off the confusion, we have crafted a well-detailed guide on best streaming software in 2020.

Each software comes with basic live streaming and recording features as well as advanced features. This includes single-destination RTMP streaming, layouts, chroma-key, live switching, multiple video sources, and custom transitions. However, each software has some advantages, disadvantages, and key features that will help to choose it.

List of Best Streaming Software 2020



OBS STUDIO also is known as Open Broadcaster Software creates perfect content for broadcasting. It is built on a powerful open-source, and moreover, it is free to use, which makes it one of the best choices for the live streamers. Though OBS studio provides all the essentials of live streaming yet, it lacks some of the features present in paid live streaming software.

One of the best parts of OBS studio is that new plugins and features are being released by the developers to keep it more useful for the streamers all time. If you are a tech-savvy, customizing the OBS studio features is a piece of cake. For the begginers, there is many guides and tutorials videos available on the web.

Streaming open broadcaster software supports different operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Free of cost for the users
  • Highly customizable
  • An open-source project with frequent updates


  • Free of cost
  • Works on Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Highly reliable
  • Less consumption of CPU
  • Highly customizable


  • No dedicated support team to solve the issue
  • Beginners find it difficult to customize the software
  • Multi-streaming is not possible

2. Wirecast


Wirecast is another great tool for streaming purposes. It is available in Studio and Pro version. One of the best things in Wirecast is that you can host guests and also use graphics in your live streaming, which makes your streaming more engaging to the audience. There is an unlimited encoding option present in Wirecast, and also you can stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.

In the Pro version, the resolution of the streaming is very good, and you can even set 3D virtual sets, and the capacity of hosting guests is more than the studio plan. In case if you are looking for premium support from the Wirecast team, you need to pay a fee of $299/ year. This streaming software is available for Mac OS as well as Windows.

Another great feature of Wirecast is that users who wish to try the features of this software can avail a 30-day free trial.


  • Well-designed Interface
  • PTZ Camera controls
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Built-in transitions


  • Advanced features for the price you pay
  • Works on Windows and Mac
  • Quality Support
  • Frequent Updates


  • Highly expensive compared to other streaming software

3. XSplit


XSplit is available in two versions to the user: Gamecaster and Broadcaster. If you want to publish an in-depth technical review, broadcaster works well. On the other hand, if you want to publish your gaming review, Gamecaster is a perfect choice.

However, XSplit Broadcaster is not an ideal software for beginners who are starting their streaming hobby. One needs to have access to third-party plugins in order to operate this software pretty smoothly. The best part of the broadcaster is that you can set the resolution and custom scenes for your audience.

On the flip side, Gamecaster is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their streaming simple and host their streaming on YouTube and Twitch with the touch of a button. XSplit is the best live streaming software for youtube. Gamecaster automates all the options for the streamer, making it easier for them to focus only on the game.


  • Multistreaming
  • Unlimited scenes can be added to the project
  • Skype Video Camera


  • Excellent support team
  • Third-party plugins to enhance the streaming quality
  • Chroma Key


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not compatible with Linux or Mac

4. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS has shaken up the streaming industry by launching one of the best and easy to use streaming software for the beginners. The best part of this software is that one can save 25% of CPU power and also the interface of this software is pretty simple to use for the beginners.

This streaming software makes even the gaming stream easier by hosting it on Twitch just with the touch of a button. The only downside of this platform is that it is available for Windows OS but not Mac or Linux.


  • Twitch/YT chat
  • Video Editor
  • Video Preview


  • Huge Theme collection
  • Optimized x264 settings
  • Website Integration


  • Does not support Mac or Linux

5. VMix


VMix is a professional online streaming software. So, you can add and edit the transitions and also add guests to your streaming. One thing that sets this online streaming software apart from other products is that it provides more features for the price it comes.

Features like Instant replay, VMix call, virtual outputs are present in the higher pricing of VMix. And, the touchscreen interface and the browser input lets you access the browser while you are working.


  • low latency video and audio
  • Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, etc.
  • Supports Multiple Audio Devices


  • NDI compatibility
  • Web interface with Touchscreen
  • Built-in templates


  • Highly expensive
  • The system requirements are high

6. LightStream


LightStream is one of the best free cloud-based streaming solutions that does not consume much of your computer resources. It makes live streaming easier on platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, etc.

The encoding of live streaming is taken care of by LightStream cloud services. Hence, it does not consume much of your system resources. Moreover, it scans your system and makes the automatic settings. It even monitors for the streaming interruptions and adjusts the bitrate accordingly.

This software is available in both a free and premium version. However, the free version of this software does not offer as many features as the premium version.

The software comes with a 4-way streaming capability which is one of the best features of this software. If you are looking for a live stream software that is simple yet powerful in handling the streaming on multiple platforms, then LightStream studio is the best fit for you.


  • Creative tools for content creation
  • Impressive design
  • Multiple Streaming


  • More number of guests can be hosted
  • Phone Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Cloud-based platform


  • Limited features in the free version
  • The cloud-based system is not suitable for everyone

7. VidBlasterX


VidBlasterX is a live video production software that comes with a premium subscription plan. It is no longer available for free like the earlier versions. VidBlasterX has a built-in audio mixer and switcher which helps you to produce quality streams.

The user can create custom studio layout with the help of modules provided by this software. A single profile in VidBlasterX supports up to 7 modules, and the studio edition supports about 25 modules. Moreover, in case if you have taken the Broadcast edition, it supports up to 50 modules.

The Home version costs only $9.99 whereas the higher subscription plan goes up to $999.


  • Stability and Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Easy to customize
  • Beginner Friendly


  • The Modular Design is Unique
  • Audio Mixer + Recording
  • ChromaKey + Virtual Camera
  • Free Demo Version


  • The free version contains a watermark
  • The mixing system is not for rookies
  • The home version is limited to only 7 modules

8. Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay is one of the best game recorders and also a live gaming streamer. This is one of the best tools for live streaming if you have a low-mid range PCs. If you already have an Nvidia card, this software already runs on your PC in the background.

Depending on the performance of your PC, there might be glitches in the streaming performance. However, the performance of this software can be tweaked by making a minor adjustment in the settings.


  • Straight-up recording
  • Easy to Broadcast on Twitch
  • Free to Use


  • Shortcuts like Alt+Z helps to stream while gaming.
  • Performance is pretty good


  • It only works with Nvidia Graphic cards
  • The Share UI does not work when you are not gaming



This is an open-source tool that is capable of handling audio, video streaming. This tool is designed for command-line based processing of audio and video files.

FFMPEG can be used for basic editing, video scaling, and also post-production effects. Moreover, FFserver is the main server for FFMPEG live streaming. This software mainly targets professional users.


  • Record streaming locally
  • Supports any resolution
  • No mixing


  • Works with every platform
  • Automate repetitive video tasks
  • Huge library of scripts


  • Not ideal for beginners

These are some of the best streaming software in 2020, which you must definitely give a try. Some of the above-mentioned software has a free trial version which helps you to decide if the software goes with your streaming needs or not.

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