11 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2022


Last Updated on January 19, 2022

With the growth of the Internet, affiliate marketing is also growing significantly. Many companies find social media influencers who promote products or companies for pay.

This marketing strategy is beneficial because certain people are very much inclined to buy the product they are promoting. Videos and articles are very useful in marketing products on the Internet, and people like reading things more than they think. Many readers fumble through the Internet, searching for a marketing campaign to compel them to buy a product.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Bloggers

Bloggers and vloggers have a significant possibility of a successful affiliate marketing strategy. People tend to buy products promoted in videos as they believe what they see as truth.

Bloggers can write a lot about a product or service, and the people who will find the material engaging will go through the entire campaign and even buy the product. The Internet offers enormous possibilities for achieving successful affiliates with companies and build a fan base that will help you and your affiliates.

How to Choose Quality Affiliate Programs as Beginners

Affiliate marketing is never about spamming pages and forums with your links or your feed with pictures. If a company has given you the chance to be an affiliate, you should be very careful about promoting and putting effort into only the right affiliations.

It would help if you always tried promoting the affiliates and companies which provide good service, and you will see yourself winning with the company. This would be best if you also studied your crowed pretty well to give you the full picture of who you are marketing to.

Knowing your crowd can give you a significant advantage over other influencers, and more companies will be inclined to select your market over others.

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate marketing is on a great roll over the last couple of years as the pandemic has left everyone stranded at home. It helps website owners and bloggers to promote products from amazon on their website with sufficient payback for every purchase or even people clicking the links.

Amazon affiliate marketing is gaining immense popularity because of its simple style and easy to access links. The links automatically convert with country and availability, and link creation is sufficiently easy as well.


Clickbank is a popular e-commerce platform where sellers and service providers put their products for sale. If you are selling at ClickBank, the website will refer to you as a vendor. And you can find affiliates who will promote your product if they like it.

Affiliates put their marketing strategies and niches up for sales to find products to promote and approach the company to find the requirement. Many online influencers and affiliates use ClickBank to find and sell product marketing campaigns. Clickbank requires money for using the platform, but the prices vary in many different circumstances.


FlexOffers is a relatively new but successful affiliate marketing network with a reliable chain to various affiliates and even markets. The sign-up process is relatively easy and free, with two different categories for accounts.

You can either join Flexoffers as a publisher or an advertiser, with varying privileges around the website. Flexoffers has many other sectors of services available for affiliates and publishers and charges accordingly.

Many affiliates and company owners use flexoffers to connect as it is one of the most affiliate populated websites in many countries worldwide. It would help if you researched your country in Flexoffers and how many companies publish services on the website.


The impact is the best cross-platform affiliate marketing company in the market right now. The platform is not as popular as ClickBank but still has a fair userbase in Asia and Europe.

You can find very reliable publishing companies that pay well for reliable advertisement. You can try your fortune with impact with its excellent customizability.

As a business, you can make your profile based on your niche and what you are selling. The impact has a feature to upload logos that will display on your face to create a reliable profile. Also, customize your experience as an affiliate like filtering companies according to their sales and products. The payout from all companies is also on the website.


AWIN is a prevalent global affiliate network that is immensely popular in the UK and all of Europe. If you have a particular kind of website, you will find numerous UK companies in the listing which will pay you well per click.

The affiliates and publishers at Awin come almost entirely from Europe. But, the platform offers many features that are very much worth it. The network is quickly growing, with many people outsourcing with Awin with its leading tools.

Awin offers many different actions that can influence the payment and that is also why many companies in Europe are shifting to Awin for various action dependent payments.


Skimlinks intends to make the job easier for affiliates who do not have much time to find affiliate links for their articles. It has over sixty affiliate networks inside their service and over 26,500+ different merchants available around the globe.

The service is very accessible and works independently without the user having to intervene in every process. The best part about Skimlinks is the affiliate network they establish after every sign-up.

The application contains a lot of polish to help the user figure out what they are doing even when they are on the go. The system of this network is impressive, and you are missing out by not benefiting from it.

Commission Junction

This affiliate marketing network has been in the business for 20 years. And the people working here actually care about the affiliates. The company provides excellent service for affiliates, and this service has led the company to be very popular among affiliates.

The joining fee of this service is free, and the commission varies by-product, which you will find below every turn. The website itself uses a cookie to track the user for the companies to keep things in check. You need to have an active website to join the website, and with reliable tracking, you can earn quickly.

Share A Sale

Share-a-sale has a robust verification process to make sure every user admitted is genuine. The share-a-sale sign-up process charges you 5 dollars to complete the verification, and you get your five bucks back after the process ends.

The website allows you to apply for merchants instantly without anything blocking your access to specific merchants. It also offers the merchant’s fantastic connection with the affiliate to ensure both parties agree to terms. Share-a-sale leaves nothing hidden and is a very simplistic website designed for business.


Rakuten got votes as one of the most successful affiliate marketing companies globally. The user-friendly platform attracts many affiliates from around the world, but the website is best for beginners.

You have to go through a free and straightforward verification procedure, which will take you minutes to complete, and you will find the available companies within your network.

However, the tasks can be a little time-consuming, and you will get a lot of companies to reject you if you are a beginner. But, the merchants are very much genuine with their prices, and the educational tools will aid you immensely.


Shopify is a website building platform with many web apps available for your website or business. If you want to build your online business, you can do so with Shopify.

One of the less-discussed features is the affiliate management program, which helps you find affiliates for your business. Shopify is a one-stop-shop if you want to customize your website while managing affiliates, and it is initially free. You have to buy some applications, and affiliates will require payments, but the website is still fantastic for beginners.


If you are a fan of podcasts and want to promote products via podcasts, you can do so with the help of Buzzsprout. The website helps podcast hosts get their podcasts to get a lot of popularity, free of cost for 90 days.

This website is an excellent offer for people who want to start podcasting, but the website also offers affiliate management for podcast hosts and companies. The users will be able to manage their podcasts easily and manage the affiliates they promote per podcast.

The system is very fluid, and the website is aware of how affiliate marketing in podcasts is becoming more popular than ever.


Affiliate marketing is a handy form of marketing, especially in the current Internet and technology age. You can become famous online quickly through many platforms and then promote products to earn money with your popularity.

If you can recommend a product to an audience who follow you all the time, you are sure to get a few sales under your bag. Affiliate marketing is a reliable method of revenue generation for bloggers and vloggers alike.

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