Aweber Review 2022 – Best Email Platform for Small Businesses


Last Updated on January 2, 2022

AWeber, a Pennsylvania-based company specializing in email marketing, has been in business for over 20 years. Autoresponders are no small thing, and they claim to be the inventors of the autoresponder. That’s why marketing automation is one of the critical features they promote.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is one of the top email marketing platforms with effective autoresponder capabilities. It generates engagement, loyalty, and sales for small businesses through effective email marketing campaigns.

Apart from offering over 150 customizable email templates, the company also gives users great control over when, how, and where they send them.


Key features

Host Your List: Aweber makes it easy to import an existing email list.

After importing your data, you have the option to tag your subscribers and add them to certain types of autoresponders. You can also add subscribers manually or paste rows of subscribers. Most competing products do not permit imports directly into autoresponder cycles, so having this feature is useful.

However, if you have more than 10,000 email lists, AWeber takes a minimum of one business day to verify the email list for spam and then allows you to customize the list.

Easy Email Creation: Creating emails with up to 700 templates is easy and quick, so you do not have to create your campaign messages from scratch. Creating emails is as simple as choosing a template and customizing it with intuitive tools inside the email editor.

In addition to adding your company logo, uploading images to templates, moving content around, and changing the color schemes, you can access editing tools to create personalized templates.

Opting-in Process: With the help of AWeber, you can either create single opt-in or double opt-in forms.

  • Single Opt-in: Users sign up for your email list through a single opt-in process. It’s that simple. In addition to custom opt-in forms that you build and provide on your website, users can also opt-in in many ways. They can begin receiving your emails as soon as they sign up. All parties involved can quickly sign up, so the process is relatively straightforward.
  • Double Opt-in: An additional step is involved if the users want to sign up through double opt-in. Users will opt-in to your list, after which they will need to confirm their subscription. It is usually done through a welcome email to ensure that the users have provided their authentic information and are also willing to receive further communication from you.

Split Testing: Split testing (also called A/B testing) provides valuable data you can use when planning your email marketing campaigns. It helps you understand what works better and what does not.

A split test involves creating two emails and then randomly sending one email to one set of subscribers while sending the other email to another group of subscribers. You can then compare the success rates of both emails by studying metrics like delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate. You can segment the subscribers and send them customized emails easily through the AWeber platform.

Reporting and Analytics: The reporting tools offered by Aweber are way advanced than the competing tools. It provides comprehensive performance reports that include new subscribers, views, opens, clicks over time, subscriber location tracking, subscriber growth, follow-up stats, and much more. You can access the data anytime using the company’s email dashboard. Moreover, you are free to choose between various report formats, including standard raw numbers, charts, and percentages.

Whatever reporting option you choose, Aweber provides you with detailed insights.

RSS to email templates: Aweber can collect your website’s RSS feed and turn it into email newsletters like other email marketing tools. It is known as blog broadcast. Bloggers who want to automatically update subscribers on their mailing lists with the latest posts can benefit from this feature. Aweber offers multiple RSS feed templates based on your niche. Though some of these templates look outdated, you can still tweak them with a third-party editor.

AMP For Email: This feature is unique in Aweber, as none of the competitors have implemented this feature yet. AMP feature allows the subscribers to interact with the email like booking appointments, filling out forms, etc. Senders can also input dynamic content like football scores, cricket updates, etc.,

Landing Page Builder: Aweber offers a simple to use landing page builder that helps you create attractive capture forms with simple clicks. For tracking purposes, you can also add Google analytics and Facebook pixels code to the landing page.


Aweber Pricing

Aweber offers the same features for all its plans. The only thing that differs in pricing is the number of subscribers you wish to send emails to every month. Up to 500 subscribers, Aweber offers a free plan, beyond which the pricing varies from $29 per month to $149 per month. If you pay annually, there are discounts on its plan.


The customer support offered by Aweber is the best in the industry. Email, live chat, and phone support are available for paid plan users, whereas competitors like GetResponse and MailChimp do not offer phone support.

Moreover, there is no difficulty finding the contact details and email, as the details are mentioned on the company’s website. So, there is no need for subscribers to fill in forms and await the response of executives.

The phone support is available from 8 AM – 8 PM ET on the weekdays, whereas the live chat support is available 24/7.

Aweber Pros and Cons


  • The free plan is available for anyone who wants to try the platform.
  • Very easy to use for beginners.
  • Offers excellent customer support
  • The built-in landing page builder is best suitable for marketing your website on social media platforms.
  • It supports the AMP feature, which is the first of its kind in marketing tools.
  • Setting up autoresponders is very easy.


  • You cannot include or exclude multiple segments when sending a newsletter.
  • The landing page builder does not support A/B testing.
  • Some email templates look outdated.


Aweber Alternatives

Aweber vs Getresponse

Our Recommendation

AWeber offers you all the tools required to create an effective email marketing campaign. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and solid support system, it is easy to get started and maintain your email campaign.


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