Affiliate Marketing Without a Website (9 Ways To Do It)


Last Updated on January 17, 2022

Peoples often think that they needs a website, to be an affiliate marketer. But the fact anyone can do affiliate marketing without a website.

Affiliate Marketing is the most used marketing model by companies of all sizes including startups. As per the forecast of Statista, affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. will reach 8.2 billion dollars by 2022.

Advertisers pay publishers (affiliates) for generating leads and sales for their products and services. As an affiliate you receive rewards or a commission when someone buys the products from your link.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

However to become a successful affiliate marketer, It is recommended to use a website.

You just need a domain name and hosting to start your affiliate journey.

But in this article, we explore the ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

Youtube Channel

Youtube is the perfect place to earn money from affiliate marketing. You need to create a youtube channel and post videos with the affiliate links in the description box.

As soon as you gain the trust of your audience, it is easy promote affiliate products on youtube.

Best video types for an affiliate marketer are Product or Services review, Useful Tutorials, How to videos and Best of videos.

To attract an audience, you should upload the well-optimized and quality videos regularly on the Youtube.

Viral Ebook

It is another alternative to do affiliate marketing in a simple way and boost the profit.

Viral Ebook is a pdf document that contains in depth information on a trending topic. Then you can and distribute it for free or a little fee on the internet.

The catch is to make an ebook on the trending topic and put the affiliate links in the Ebook.

When the readers click on the affiliate link embedded in the Ebook and make any purchase, you will get your commission.

You can easily find the trending topics by using Google Trends or any similar tool.

But keep in mind that your Ebook should provide value to its readers. After getting the hot topic, Do a lot of research to create a quality Ebook.

Pro Tip – Collect emails from your customers to get the free Ebook. Further you can use this email list to engage your subscribers and promote other products or services.

Online Forums

There are wide range of online communities and forums that used by similar-minded people to get their question answered.

As an affiliate marketer you can promote your product and services to these Online forums.

Make sure they allow you to promote your services and affiliate links. If they allow then, the you can sign up and start a conversation and stay active in the forum.

You need to look for a community with people who are interested in your product and services. First establish the trust factor so the users can trust your suggestions.

Pro Tip – Useful posts and active contributions in the forum will help you build the trust. Once you are a regular contributor you can post your affiliate inks sometimes.

PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) marketing is the fast way to earn from affiliate marketing. You need to pay only when a visitor or customer clicks on the ad.

However it needs some initial investments, so not recommended for beginners.

Google ads, Microsoft advertising, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads are the platforms where you can use PPC advertising for affiliate marketing.

You need to select the platform, create an ad, and bid the amount you want to pay to run the ad. Before running the PPC ad, you must study the keywords and understand your target audience.

Pro Tip – One platform is not suitable for all types of audiences, so choose the platform that best suited with your target audience and where you get cheaper clicks.

Content Publishing Platforms

The free content publishing platforms like steemit and Medium can help in affiliate marketing without a website.

Anybody can sign up for free account on these platforms and post the content with affiliate links.

Medium provides high domain authority to rank your content in Google. You can also check the content engagement and stats of your articles on Medium.

In steemit, a publisher gets rewards in the form of bitcoins for content engagement, which acts as an extra source of income other than your affiliate earnings.

Don’t forget to provide disclaimer in the post to the audience about the affiliate links to avoid problems with moderators of these platforms.

Pro Tip – While putting affiliate links to any content publishing platforms, make sure to check their guidelines if they allow for it. Also target for low keyword difficulty topics to get faster results from organic search.

Social Media

Social media is best and easiest way to promote your affiliate products and services. Anyone can generate huge revenue by affiliate marketing on social media.

For this you need to set up a proper affiliate plan, and select a suitable social media platform for your targeted audience. Once the social media platform is selected, you need to understand your target audience, and post the content with an affiliate link on social media.

While posting the content on social media, You should look for the trending keywords and hashtags related to your niche and include them in your post.

Social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, etc. To increase the profit, you should always look for new opportunities on different platforms.

Pro Tip – Before posting the affiliate links to your social media, focus on growing your followers and build trust with useful and engaging contents.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful option for those who want to do affiliate marketing without running a website. An affiliate marketer should build a list of potential email users who like to hear from you.

You can build the email list by providing valuable assets, like a free ebook, free courses, tutorials, how-to guide, etc.

Once the email list ready, then you can create an email campaign that contains the affiliate link. You can send regular emails to promote your affiliate products to your subscribers.

Always use segmentation and personalisation to send appropriate and personalized emails using any email marketing platform. This will highly improve your click-through rate and conversion rate.

Pro Tip – Multiple companies available online that sell the email list for affiliate marketing, but it is not recommended to purchase these types of list.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the trending way to promote your affiliate products on the internet. Influencers are the people who have significant number of followers and peoples trust their recommendations.

As an affiliate marketer you can boost your revenue with influencer assistance.

You need to find appropriate influencers for your product, connect with them, present them with some excellent offers and ask them to promote your product.

To avoid the hassle of finding individual influencer manually, it is better to use influencer marketplaces. Because there is a flexibility to choose the influencer from your niche to reach the target audience more effectively.

You can also request an influencer to review your product and services.

Pro Tip – As it requires some money, select your influencer carefully and start with small influencers related to your niche. Also check for their post engagements as it is more important than followers count.

Offline Efforts

Offline efforts are equally important than online techniques to yield better outcomes in affiliate marketing. Go out and talk with the people about your products, make use of flyers, posters, give your product ad in newspapers, use business cards are the ways to promote affiliate products offline.

This works best with pay per call affiliate marketing programs, where you provide quality calls to the vendor which converts into sales. For each successful conversion you will get commissions.

Pro Tip – Provide our own phone number in your offline advertising and once you get the call redirect them to your vendor for better tracking your efforts.

Wrapping Up!

Hope, we have covered the best ways through which any person can do affiliate marketing without running a website. You should focus on providing valuable content to achieve great success in affiliate marketing.

If you are just starting out we suggest you to join some beginner friendly affiliate programs to avoid any hassle and complex requirements of advertisers.

Once you gain some experience you can consider promoting other high ticket affiliate programs which can produce some huge amount of money in few sales.


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