9 Best Affiliate Management Software for Effective Tracking


Last Updated on November 11, 2021

Affiliate management software acts as a bridge between businesses and bloggers who can promote the company’s products and services. The blogger gets paid a commission whenever the company’s products are sold through their website.

With many affiliate software available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right affiliate management software to suit your needs. To make the purchase easy for you, we have listed down some of the best software here.

Best Affiliate Management Software


LeadDyno helps to create and manage affiliate campaigns through their software. This software provides detailed reporting and accurate tracking for every campaign you run. Moreover, the integration with third-party websites is hassle-free.

In addition, LeadDyno offers other features like email automation, payout management, and conversion tracking. You can integrate this software with the most popular e-com platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy to navigate
  • Hassle-free integration with third-party websites and ecommerce stores


  • Customer service could have been better


This software offers a 30-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $49 per month, and the high-end plan costs $79 per month.


Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate software that helps you create, track and customize your affiliate campaigns. Its fully customizable features help you optimize affiliate campaigns.

Most of the tasks like commission management, link tracking, etc., can be automated with the help of this software. This software can easily integrate with more than 30 ecommerce platforms. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can easily set up the campaigns with the help of information and video tutorials provided on their website.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to navigate and set up affiliate campaigns
  • Great customer support


  • Only limited languages are supported


Every plan comes with a free trial for 14 days. This software offers three plans: Essential, Pro, Enterprise.

  • The Essential plan costs $69 per month
  • The Pro plan costs $149 per month
  • The Enterprise plan has custom pricing depending on your requirement

Post Affiliate Pro

Most of the online stores and ecommerce websites use Post Affiliate Pro to improve their traffic and sales. You can closely work with your affiliate and track their reports through the intuitive dashboard.

Post Affiliate Pro is an automated affiliate management software currently affiliated with more than 170 CMS companies and payment gateways for hassle-free transactions.


  • Seamless Integration
  • Excellent tracking dashboard
  • Customizable User Interface


  • Expensive affiliate software


This software offers a 14-day free trial, post which you can opt for any of the three plans:

  • Pro plan costs $97 per month
  • The ultimate plan costs $197 per month 
  • Network plan costs $477 per month


Affise affiliate software helps agencies, advertisers, and marketers to track their affiliate campaigns in real-time. From billing to calculations, You can perform every action with a single click on this software.

The referral rewards feature boosts motivation among affiliates to drive more sales. In addition, you can add custom tracking domains to track the reports effectively.


  • Not charged for traffic
  • User-friendly interface
  • Targeting options and setup costs are flexible


  • Reports are not very detailed


This tool offers a 30-day free-trial post which you can opt for any of their three plans:

  • Professional plan costs $299 per month
  • Enterprise plan costs $499 per month
  • And, the VIP plan is custom priced based on the requirements


Refersion offers simple payment solutions and allows you to convert customers to affiliates. Customization and optimization options are endless in this software. This affiliate management software provides optimal solutions for current affiliate problems.

Refersion is best suitable for ecommerce businesses who like to improve their traffic and sales.


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy affiliate payouts
  • Excellent customer support


  • Cross-device tracking is not supported


This software offers a 14-day trial. The basic plan starts at $89 per month.


If you are a SaaS company using the Stripe payment gateway, then LinkMink is the right pick for you. High levels of leads and conversions can be expected with this software.

The affiliate dashboard is pretty comprehensive, and this software offers extra features like automated payouts, commission management, and referral tracking.

You can also track the lead journey till the last detail. In addition, the dashboard offers an excellent interface to communicate between you and the affiliates.


  • Saves a lot of time through automated affiliate payouts
  • Share files through Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Excellent customer support


  • Limited integration options


This software comes with a 14-day free trial. It has four plans:

  • The starter plan costs $39 per month
  • A growth plan costs $65 per month
  • Business plan costs $125 per month
  • Enterprise plan costs $125+ per month


Voluum is cloud-based affiliate management software that offers various customization options for businesses and affiliates. It provides in-depth reporting and helps run A/B testing to create advanced targeting metrics and rules.


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Create offers with tags


  • Expensive compared to other affiliate software


The basic plan starts from $69 per month and goes up to $999 per month for unlimited campaigns.


iDevAffiliate is best known for its effective affiliate solutions and easy-to-use interface. The pre-built templates help you drive more traffic and conversions to your website. In addition, this software offers core features like highly customizable affiliate payouts (up to 100 payout levels), tracking expiration, fraud privacy suite to authenticate the conversions, etc.

In short, you can manage your entire online marketing campaigns through the iDev Affiliate software.


  • Proper integration with third-party websites
  • Customizable for users and admins as well
  • Fraud prevention to track suspicious leads


  • Not so easy to install and setup for the first time


This software offers three plans:

  • Cloud plan costs $39 per month
  • Cloud Traffic plan costs $59 per month
  • Cloud Premium costs $79 per month

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is a cloud-based affiliate management software for marketers and advertisers. This software’s core features are campaign management, lead generation, tracking, fraud detection, and reward distribution.

The lead management feature eliminates the need for extra software for lead generation. Moreover, this software offers an excellent solution for structured advertising, which makes lead generation smooth.


  • Great customer support
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Seamless integration


  • The interface is not so easy to use
  • More expensive compared to other software


This software offers a free trial for 15 days. Post-trial period, you can choose any of the two plans: a basic plan for $47 per month and a professional plan for $97 per month.

What features to look for when choosing affiliate management software?

Multiple tracking tools

Choose the software that provides various tracking tools to monitor the real-time affiliate data.

Security and fraud detection

Fraud detection helps in identifying suspicious clicks and conversions on affiliate links. Moreover, it prevents malicious attacks on the business.


If the system allows API, it will be easier for businesses to promote their products on various platforms. Moreover, customization helps in creating different banners and tools for clients and affiliates.


If the software allows integration with other reputed platforms, it can boost the leads and conversions for your business. So, make sure to pick software that provides integration with multiple platforms.

Detailed reporting

For effective business management, it is essential to have a detailed report. Pick a software that provides real-time reporting and allows customization of reports as well.

What are the benefits of affiliate management software?

No matter what business scale you are in, affiliate management software has some key benefits to offer. Some of them are:

Effective Affiliate Activity Management

You can monitor all business activities in one place. You can also streamline and automate the workflow through affiliate software.


It is crucial to measure the results if you are planning to grow a business. For real-time tracking and performance analysis, it is essential to have affiliate management software in place.

Cost Reduction

Since the entire process is automated, you can reduce hiring employees to manage the process.


Now that you are aware of the best affiliate management software in the industry, pick what goes with your needs and the key features we mentioned above.

Frequently asked questions

What is affiliate management software?

Affiliate management software is a tool that allows you to create and monitor campaigns closely.


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