Hello and Welcome to AppsTale, the free resource site for small business owners.

At AppsTale, our primary goal is to provide helpful resources to peoples who either want to start a business or grow their business.

If you are looking for, how to make money online? How to start and online business? What resources do i need to start an online buisness? What are the best tools and softwares to grow my business?

Or if you have any questions related to start or grow your business.. You are at right place.

Our Story

My name is Ranjit Singh and i am the founder of AppsTale

The story begins back in 2013 when i am looking for how can i make money online. After doing some research i got freelancer and joined. As i am an engineering graduate, i already know beginner coding at that time and how to build basic websites.

Also have some friends and seniors who are developers. So i connected to them and start taking development projects and distributed my work to them. Within 1 year started getting many projects and earns a decent income. My life is very busy and i had barely any time to think about other things.

This was going well till 2017, but due to some health issues i am not able to work properly and give my proper time to my business. Due to this the business is degrading. At that time i was thinking about some other alternatives, and this time digital marketing came to my mind. I started learning different aspects of digital marketing like SEO, ppc and social media advertising while taking rest.

After few months when my health is getting better i plan to implement my learnings in practical. I talked to some friends and peoples in my connections and aggreed to work for them as a advertiser for free. After some initial problems I started to get results through advertising.

In my digital marketing journey i learn various aspects of marketing for a business. I learned how business can grow quickly and manage their time effectively with the help of useful tools and resources. So at the end of 2020 i started AppsTale to provide all useful information and resources about starting and growing a business online.